How long have you been "surfing" the 'net?

  1. I was responding to a thread (on another board) that kind of dealt with "net burn-out". In my response I confessed to have been surfing the 'net almost since the World Wide Web was made available to the general public. Maybe even longer! (Don't remember when the "WWW" became available for the public. :imbar) This particular thread got me thinking, though. (And I very rarely think. Nor do I try to think too much!) At any rate, I've been accessing the internet in one fashion or another since around 1991. That's 13+ years of "surfing"! YEEE HAAA! :chuckle

    That's over one decade! (There I go feeling old again! ) That's many, many, many hours of: sitting in front of a computer, typing, thinking (which is waaaayyy over-rated!), typing some more, forgetting to take out the garbage, losing countless hours of sleep, saying "I'll be right there" after the loving wife asks "Are you coming yet?", forgetting to put down the toilet seat after use (opps, wrong topic!), responding to debates/discussions, cursing the people who don't believe in my point of view, holding the "Pee Urge" for just one more minute until I finish this one last sentence. . .

    Do I need to get a life??

    Seriously, though, the internet has become an acceptable place to meet friends, discuss ideas, share photos and music, gather information, share information, provide misleading information, make-up information. . . It's become an intregal part of our daily lives -- those who use the internet regularly, at least. I'm sure that the amount of time one uses the internet varies from person to person. If I'm at work and work is "Q", I can be on for hours. If I'm at home and the wife is not home, I can be on for hours then too!

    I also use the internet to pay bills, correspond with family and friends and business associates, to "manage" a couple of web sites, to purchase all sorts of video/musical hardware and software. Yep! I use the 'net a lot. Probably more than I should. But I use it none-the-less.

    Understand that the whole "internet mania" thing fascinates me! It's a sociological wonderment! A couple of years ago, I started a thread on this bulletin board (on this forum, more precisely) regarding cyber-friendships. (It's still here somewhere buried deep with pages and pages and pages of threads.) In this thread I basically commented on how the internet can provide wonderful opportunities to make new friends and share work-related information, etc. Two years after starting that particular thread, I find this to be even more true. Many friendships have been made because of the 'net. People have even shared that they met their significant other via the "World Wide Web". Fifteen years ago, this "phenomenon" did not even exist. Honestly, I am AMAZED on how technology can provide meaningful opportunities for each of us! Here's one example. Many people share their "trials and tribulations" with their "cyber friends". And many times people respond with a {{{HUG}}}, a "Cyber Hug" of sorts. One can literally receive "cyber hugs" from hundreds of different people from all over the globe. Talk about support! Talk about never really feeling alone during times of stress!! Talk about the world becoming smaller as we get to know each other from various countries and from various cultures!! Talk about meeting lots and lots and lots of friends!!!


    And yet. . .

    And yet. . .

    And yet. . .

    Although the "cyber hug" and "cyber friendships" are wonderful things, and they ARE WONDERFUL!!! . . .

    . . . There's just nothing that can compare to seeing a cherished person "eye to eye", holding that person in a deep embrace and feeling the warmth and security of their friendship.

    So. . .

    What are your "internet stories"? How long have you been using the World Wide Web?? What kind of friendships have you made here or at other bulletin boards?? Anyone meet their significant other via computer keyboard???

    Cheers and a hearty {{{HUG}}} to you all!


    P. S. Well please excuse me now! I really must satisfy my "pee urge"!

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  4. by   Tweety
    I've been on the since 1997. My parents talked me into getting internet via webtv. My dad got a computer and is a whiz much better than me.

    Don't know what I would do without the internet. It's an endless sorce of information, education (I've taken college courses online as well as continuing ed). I know do all my banking online and don't even worry about writing in my checkbook, made hotel reservations, plane reservations, found a dog kennel. Mainly I enjoy the entertainment of coming to discussion boards like (basically, I've left most of my others in favor of this one).

    Very recently I met a fellow member and his partner who helped us with our wireless internet.

    The internet has changed how I live, no doubt about it.
  5. by   abundantjoy07
    :chuckle Heh heh heh *evil cackle* I thought I was the only one with the "pee urge" problem.
    Quote from efiebke

    P. S. Well please excuse me now! I really must satisfy my "pee urge"!

  6. by   Dixiedi
    I've been "playing" with compuers since the early 80s but didn't have a modem until 94 or 95.
    My newest PC doesn't even have a modem. When I built it could find no reason for somehting that slow.
  7. by   Brian
    I think I started around '94 when I got my first computer (Tandy 486 IBM clone, 25Mhz with a CD-ROM) It cost me $2000. I was facinated that people communicated online through BBS that were just text based. A co-worker of mine was a sysadmin on an online BBS and while I thought he was a computer geek and it was corny, it didn't take long and I was trying to get on the web and I was using some cheezy prodigy software with a really slow modem (fast at the time).

    I thought the whole web thing was cool and still do. I think it is the most valuable information tool around.

    I agree that many friendships have been made and the support that nurses get from this site is amazing.
  8. by   palesarah
    I first went online in the early 90s at a friend's house, was re-introduced to the newer, improved 'net (with pictures!) in the spring of '95. Been online ever since.

    Anyone else remember when a 14.4kBPS modem was FAST?
  9. by   pickledpepperRN
    I fought the urge until I found myself going to work early hoping to find the outpatient nurses station or empty overflow unit so I could use the computer. Then my Dad got one early in 1998. I got mine in September. Found ALLNURSES.COM a few months later.
    Hi Ted! Hi Tweety!
    I have seen both your wonderful faces so mine is here for tonight. I feel like I am getting to smile at you!
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  10. by   Ted
    Hi Brian! I remember the BBS days! I started on a 386sx (or something like that). It was an IBM clone with 1 or 2 mb ram? I really don't remember. :imbar What I do remember was getting my first computer-based music printing software. I still have it. . . works only on the old DOS systems. It's called MusicPrinter Plus. It was a way cool program, back then (at least I thought it was). Had a lot of bugs, though. It never printed exactly what I saw on the screen. But it printed the music, which was way cool! But I believe that this particular program used to have a BBS support service I used to have to "dial up" to. . . I do remember the phone bill of having to pay the long-distance call!

    palesarah - Yep! Remember the 14.4 kbps modems. Remember the fun (NOT) in programing them to go to the BBS I used to visit. Don't remember what I used to visit, though. I think CompuServe was one of them?!?!?

    Spacenurse!! So good to see your lovely avatar! What a lovely smile too! I think this is the first time that you shared a picture of yourself???? (I could be wrong.)

    Happy 'net surfing, folks!

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  11. by   H ynnoD
    We started in 1998.Had to have my dad and a friend come over and teach me a few things,now I build my own computors.I seen a picture of SpaceNurse along time ago we had a Thread where we posted pictures of ourselfs.
  12. by   nursebedlam
    HUMMMM , way to long, 8 yrs many many hours spent on the net over the years, however haven't watched the television much over the past 8 yrs.
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Ted and all.....I didn't know a thing about it until I met a girl named Julie, who was completely addicted to it, back in 1998. Well, then I became addicted and was always at her house on the computer! LOL!

    I got my first one (this very same one I am on now) in 1999. I used to get heck from dh for being on here so much but I don't neglect the kids and the housework is done so he figures this is my social time. I used to surf all over the place and I have made friends and then lost them. BUT, there is one special friend that I met when I was pregnant with my first son and we belonged to the same email group. Her and I still correspond, though not as regularly, since I have three kiddos now and she has two. She has been to my wedding and I have been out to visit her. We schedule "shopping days" and meet halfway. I haven't seen her in three years....gotta work something out there.

    I have friends here that mean more to me than some of my distant family. The only places I go on the net now are this site, my kiddos sites to update and research for schoolwork. Otherwise, I'm generally here hanging out. (can't you tell by my number of posts? LOL!)

    I don't know what I would do without my puter and can't wait to get a new one this fall when my loan comes through! LOL!
  14. by   JUSTYSMOM
    I started surfing the net in the late 80's. I had a 386 (which was a lot at that time) I didn't think I would ever need a 486! LOL!

    I got hooked onto Prodigy and Compuserve. That became my "dating" service. I ended up meeting a lot of different people. I went on lots and lots of dates. In fact, I came very close to getting engaged to a wonderful guy who lived in Switzerland. We would meet on Compuserve every single day and "talk" for hours. We also took turns to visit each other. Then my husband got into the picture & that was the end of that!

    I use the internet for so many aspects of my life. I am involved with a bunch of forums that deal with infertility & adoption issues. I have shopped online, banked online, made reservations, etc etc etc. In fact, I can't imagine living my life without it!

  15. by   PennyLane
    In 1993, my first year of college. Almost everyone had a computer at my school (I was one of the few who didn't, but I would use the ones at the lab or a friend's) and someone told me about IRC. We would also use Gopher to search for things and Pine to get email. Seems so strange to look back on now.

    Then I studied abroad for a semester and when I got back (this was around '95 or so) magically there was this thing called Netscape, with pictures and things to click on with your mouse!! A whole new world.

    Then in '99 I started working for an internet company. I still didn't have a computer of my own, but really learned about using the WWW while working there.

    Now since I'm in school, I waste a lot of time on the internet instead of studying. Like right now, for instance!