How is everyone doing these days??

  1. I just wanted to post and see how everyone is holding together these days. I am holding it together..although I feel just barely on somedays. I am determined to be okay...with or without my husband. We are still talking and trying so it is going to be a long road if we make it back. I am starting counseling this week and I think they will put me back on anti- depressants...if I need them I shall take kids need me solid. My schoolwork has suffered, but I have decided not to allow my personal life to affect my schoolwork anymore. I have joined a support group online and may go to Al Anon to help deal with issues from ym parents alcoholism. I'm doing okay....I have lost almost 10 pounds and I look good.....went out last weekend and got asked to dance a few times....I am going to post a link here to a support group I have joined that tells my story.....I want to post a very strong is a very personal story and may be disturbing to a few people. It has come about that I have been silent for too long and am opening up about some issues in my life. I feel very close to many of you here and consider you friends which is why I am posting the link.....Do not feel obligated to read it and just know it is harsh. You see I am an abuse many ways....sexual, emotional, physical......the link is to my is not for the faint of heart so please don't go if you will be too upset......Thanks for all the caring I have received from you guys in the last two really helped....
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  3. by   Nurse2BMandy

    I read your survivor post. I too am a survivor, but your story makes my abuse look like a day at Disney World. I am so sorry. I am going to PM you, because I do not know everyone here well enough to openly post about something so personal.

    *big hugs*
  4. by   Robin61970
    Thanks Mandy......I appreciate your words.....My husband read it last night and he called this morning to tell me about it. He was surprised...he said you never told me some of those things. It's like I told him...I never told anyone. He said that it makes him understand me better.....we'll see,LOL......I will look forward to your PM.....
  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    God bless you Robin61970.
    You are strong and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  6. by   Robin61970
    Thank you Sarah....I need them these days and have actually been doing some praying myself...something I have not done in a very long time.
  7. by   Lausana
    Thank you for sharing with us. I know you'll come out of this ok, you've already come through so much

    Looking forward to hear how things go with counciling :kiss
  8. by   hapeewendy
    you know I Love you
    and think the world of you
    and know that you can get beyond your past
    your past , although important, does not define you
    on to bigger and better things
    you have limitless potential, great intellect and a lot of love to give.
    think of you often
    pm, call or IM (thats instant message, not intramusclular injection okay?) me anytime
  9. by   jnette
    Hugs, Robin. BIG, BIG hugs.

    Wendles said it best. Absorb the words she wrote. Make them part of your very being.

    The skeletons in our closets are very scary indeed. But when we begin to look at them (as in to "study" them) they get less and less scary. We must first let them out of the box in order to look at them. Or they will remain forever fearful.

    I remember as a small child I was terrified of skeketons. Would have nightmares about them. Wake up in the middle of the night and pinch my skin around my wrists to make sure I still had flesh on them. This fear of skeletons remained with me until well into my teens... until biology classes in school. I remember the first time teach dragged out the skeleton to stand up in front of the class for us to study it. I thought I would be sick. But I swallowed hard and determined no one would sense my terror.

    As the weeks and months passed, I was able to fully acquaint myself with this dreaded , grinning, figure of bones. And he became less and less threatening every day. For it was I who was studying HIM. That made all the difference. I no longer fear the sight of a skeleton.

    But there are other skeletons, too, as you well know. I have learned to treat them the same way I did Mr. Bones. Bring them out in the open to study them... take CONTROL.

    Warm hugs and best wishes. You're on the right track. You have much to deal with... but you are DEALING with it. The healing has begun.

    Don't neglect your spirit. Feed it. Love it. Grieve with it. And allow it to well as weep.

    ((( :kiss )))
  10. by   Robin61970
    But Wendy....I need to practice my IM's...please?? Thanks Jnette...I like your story and it makes perfect sense to me.
    I appreciate the kind words more than you know....
  11. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Robin, I read your post. I am so sorry for everything you went through.

    Your strength is astounding. You can now make a new story for yourself. Look how far you have already come! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. by   PennyLane
    Robin, you have been through so much in your life, and I'm so sorry you've been hurt. I'm glad you're seeking help. The human spirit is truly amazing, you turned out to be a beautiful, strong woman. But sometimes even the best of us help to get us through the hard times.

    I agree with Mimi Wheeze, now is the time for a new chapter in your life.
  13. by   RNonsense
    Big Hugs Robin! I did read that post and I admire you for being so brave...what an awful, awful experience. It seems you are on the right path to recovery. Sending best wishes and prayers your way!
  14. by   Robin61970
    Thank you to all of you for your kind words and replies to me. Thank you for the PM's I have received helps validate the feeling that there is nothing wrong with me for wanting to get past this......