How expen$ive is a pet?

  1. I will be moving within the next month and where I am moving too, we'll be allowed to have pets (we'd better be allowed, we're renting a house from my dad :chuckle ) Anyhoo, I'm so exciting at the possibility, where we live now their not allowed... & my childhood dog had to be put to sleep a yr ago May.

    BUT how expensive is the upkeep on a pet, dog vs cat, I'm thinking a kitten, lower maintanance is best for our schedule right now. I've seen ads for kittens for sale that say they've had their 1st shots--1st of how many? And so on... Anyway, shout away....

    Thanks guys! :kiss
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  3. by   amblessing
    Cats are great pets, but that of course is my opinion. I love dogs too, but they are much more work than a cat. We can leave our cat for a weekend with a bowl full of food and water and she will be just fine. She spends 90% of her time sleeping anyway! You can't do that with a dog. I'm not sure how many "kitten" shots are required, but my cat only gets yearly rabies vaccinations as required by state law. I don't vaccinate her for anything else because she is strictly an indoor cat and we never board her. Most cities offer some kind of "low cost" shot programs. Check with your animal shelter about that. Also, I got my cat spayed at the animal shelter. It was much less expensive than the vet
  4. by   shygirl
    I have a shih-tzu. He was about $450.00 and with his "puppy shots" he was around $750.00. He has yearly immunizations that are around $75.00. He is a long hair breed that needs haircuts every 6 weeks. That would be $25.00. Luckily, I know how to cut hair and I do it for free. He gets occasional ear infections that cost $58.00 to get the hair pulled out,and meds. Is he worth every penny? You bet he is. Gilda
  5. by   donmurray
    I still have my pet rock! I adopted him in 1975 and he's followed me around ever since. No feeding, no shots, no exercising, no cost! He lives in the garden all year round, and even gives weather reports! If he's all shiny, its raining. If he's white, its snowed. If I can't see him, its night time. And so on....
  6. by   prn nurse
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  7. by   nursejws
    We adopted Zeus and Zoe from Feral Friends and spent $150, which included their first shots, first vet visit and from them to be fixed when they reached the right age. They are indoor cats, so I don't have to worry about any cat fights or extra trips to the vet. On their last visit to the vet, I spent nearly $200 on shots, visit, and lab(to ck for worms). Shots are usually once a it's really not that bad. I spend about $20-25/mo in cat food and kitty litter. Our pet deposit was $400, which we are paying out...last one is next month!! I don't worry about losing babies are litter trained, and if they puke....they are guided off of the carpet! I spent about $6 for a kitty scratch box filled with catnip and they LOVE that. It came with extra catnip and I "refresh" it every two weeks.

    We were going to get only one, but after thinking about all of the time we're not home, because of work & school, we opted for & sister! I think it's better that way because they're never alone.

    Move before last, :chuckle, we looked at this one place that wanted to charge pet RENT...$10/mo per pet. I called that office and read the the riot act. First of all, the pet deposit was about $600, then they wanted pet rent on top of that!?!?! Oh no! I told the lady my cats are my children, and unless they start charging extra rent for kids, they were not getting anything extra from us. She waived the pet rent. After all was said and done, we chose a different complex. :chuckle
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  8. by   Lausana
    Just saw this add in the pet section of the paper-cracked me up...

    "2 yr old Jack Russell, might trade for nice female or gun, $200"

    seriously :chuckle
  9. by   shay
    Lots of animal shelters now have their kittens spayed/neutered and first shots administered BEFORE they put them up for 'adoption.' In my area, the shelters have made this standard protocol, so you always get a pet that's been 'fixed' if you get one from the shelter. You pay about $30 on average to adopt the pet, and have to sign a contract of some sort saying you'll take the pet to get shots, etc..

    Shelter animals are great, especially shelter cats. They are very lovey. I like my dog, but I'm totally biased to cats. My cat can be left for 3 days by herself if we go out of town. If we go for longer, she has a 'sitter' come by every other day to pet her and love her and make sure her food and water bowl is full. She does great. The dog, although she's a sweetie, is costly if you wanna go out of town. Boarding for her is $11/day, which can add up.

    Someone mentioned free 'shot' clinics for pets, and these are great. Call your local vet schools and see when they're offering them. Hope this has helped!!

    p.s..........if all else fails, betta fish are cheap and hard to kill.
  10. by   nursedawn67
    Cats are good if you don't intend on being home much, give them a litter box and some food and they are good to go. Off course dogs are good for taking for walks and getting excercise. I had a Himalayan cat, but unfortunately I had to have him put to sleep. In about 5 weeks we are getting a puppy, I work nights so I'm home during the day to take care of her and my hubby and kids are home at night to deal with her. Whatever you decide good luck !!
  11. by   formernurse
    So sorry to hear about your cat, greer. I know how difficult it is to have a pet put to sleep. Right now I have my Himalayan who will turn 13 years in July. Sure can't imagine losing her, but I know the time will come. How old was your cat?

    I also have a beautiful cat that my daughter had gotten from the pound about 5 years ago. She, too, is very loving. When my daughter goes out of town to finished school in the fall, I will be taking her other cat, also a real baby she got at the shelter. Guess I'll have a real "cat house." As y'all can imagine, I LOVE CATS. :-) :-)
    Originally posted by Lausana
    Just saw this add in the pet section of the paper-cracked me up...

    "2 yr old Jack Russell, might trade for nice female or gun, $200"

    seriously :chuckle
    Hey! That's my ad!

    Naw! I love my little jack! He's my lubby dubby hunny tweetie cootie pie! He is sooooo good! He's lookin at me right now... I can tell he wants me to wub his belly...

    Or maybe he's just thinking "look lady, it's late, let's go to bed."

    Anyways, they're worth every penny. It seems like a lot of money in the beginning, because it's all new. New toys, new treats, a cage, leashes, collars, yummy smelling doggy shampoos, nail clippers, brushes.....

    But it'll even out eventually. We don't really go anywhere, so boarding isn't a realistic expense for us. I wouldn't board my buddy lumpkins!

  13. by   Aussienurse2
    Even with all their shots and trips to the vet they are still cheaper than a husband.
    Originally posted by Aussienurse2
    Even with all their shots and trips to the vet they are still cheaper than a husband.
    <<<<<heather high-five's aussienurse>>>>>