How do you prepare for a bad storm?

  1. I was watching the news today and it seems that the bad weather is on the way. Rain/Sleet/Ice/Snow. That got me
    wondering if I am prepared, I have a ice scraper, spray de-
    icer, cell phone, blanket. Can you think of anything else?
    Has anyone been caught in a bad snow storm, stuck on the
    road somewhere? Let's share stories. So far I have been
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I try to keep a bottle of Jack with me in case of emergency.
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Tire Chains....and make sure you practice putting them on and taking them off before that big snow. You can even mimic realistic tire-chain weather conditions if you first stick your hands in ice water, then hold ice cubes in your hands, and THEN put gloves on, to properly prepare for putting the chains on.

    heh heh...just kidding

    Or, get studded snow tires--they were a big help to me. On icy roads when everyone else was slip=slidin' away, I made it all the way up the mountain to home.

    Plus, in addition to your thermal blankets, you'll need to keep a spare pair of socks, warmup boots, thermal underwear, hat and gloves in the car. I used to roll most of that stuff up and tuck it in a pillow case in the back seat. And don't fergit yer flashlight....
  5. by   Gomer
    Food (energy bars), flash light, extra batteries (for phone and flash light), matches & a candle (don't off heat and can warm a small space), space blanket (better than a regular blanket), & extra clothes (jacket, sweater, socks, hat, gloves)
  6. by   Youda
    I live in a rural area, so telephones, roads, electricity, etc., are restored in town long before they get to us out here in the boonies. I have a full-size conversion van, so I carry around more than someone in a car might carry. Here in the midwest, winter means ice storms more than snow. So I carry several bags of salt, a tarp big enough to cover the entire van (saves me chipping off 1/2" of ice). Flashlights, cup-of-soup, cellphone charger, small DC powered TV, first-aid kit (and since I'm a nurse, I could even suture up a wound with it), etc. I try to have in my house and van anything I would need to sit out 24-48 hours without electricity, water, or warmth. Once when I was out camping, I got to experience hypothermia, so now I make sure I never repeat the experience!
  7. by   tattooednursie
    I just get a bag of popcorn and a chair, and sit back and enjoy.
  8. by   KRVRN
    I put an umbrella in the car and drive REEEAAAALLL slow in the slow lane because San Diegans can't drive in the rain. We all either drive 25, 80 or somewhere in-between on the freeway.
  9. by   Beach_RN
    Food,Goodies, DVD's, Batteries for my flashlights!, Candles, Bottled Water, Salt for the Driveway and Stairs, Full Tank of Gas, Make sure I have your standard pain killers, like tylenol, Motrin adults and Kids... This is for home!

    In the car I have mini shovel, flashlight, salt, batteries, cell phone & charger, ice scraper, and some down quilts!

    We get NorEasters up my me! As far as snow. since we live so close to the shore line. we don't get much... but we are prepared just in case.

  10. by   kristi915
    This reminds me, I should put some winter stuff in my car. My mom needs to hurry and get me a good scraper (she said that she wanted to find me a good one). Boots, snow pants, wool socks, extra pair of gloves, flashlight, blanket.............sheesh....I gotta go haul this stuff out!!
  11. by   cactus wren
    Full tank of gas, scraper, kitty llitter,candles and an empty coffee can to put them in( will keep you from freezing), sleeping bag, extra coat,extra gloves....this is for when I go to NM.....Where I live, i just roll down the windows and enjoy.......... Love the desert...
  12. by   PennyLane scraper and a blanket. I live in a city.

    Edited to say: Oh yeah, and I make sure I get a good stool at the bar. Snow storms are best enjoyed at the bar.:roll
  13. by   Mkue
    Oh yes, Food and Water ! Something to read if you get stuck and have to wait. Don't ever leave your vehicle running if your exhaust is obstructed, for instance if you slide into a ditch, which Youda or I might do since we live in the rural boonies, or get stuck in a snow drift.

    And what everyone else mentioned
  14. by   Youda
    Oh goodness, YES, mkue! A couple of paperbacks are essential. And the tailpipe! One year I was travelling between Rawlins and Laramie Wyoming, hit a patch of black ice and became a spinning top that ended with the van in a snowbank. . . had to go out the window because deep snow was against all the doors. So, I don't rely on the engine to keep me warm, I carry sleeping bags, thermal underware, snow boots with liners, ski pants and gloves . . . and I had an extra auxillary battery installed so I didn't run down the starting battery with the DC heater or if I want to watch TV. Also put a solar panel in there so it will recharge . . . Well, when you travel roads like I do in the winter, you gotta be prepared for white-outs, ice, and extreme conditions. Since I did all that to the van, I never worry about being out in bad weather. If worse comes to worse, just pull off the road, curl up and read a book or watch TV, make some soup . . . life is good!