How do you add those quotes at the bottom?

  1. Is there a preset that you can key in on the website? The only way I can think of doing this is to cut and paste it on from another document (this sounds time consuming but do-able).

    Any ideas?

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  3. by   Zee_RN
    It's in your profile. Oh, it's been so long since I did it...let's see...Click on User CP (above) and then click on Edit Profile. Put your quote in the area marked "Signature." It'll appear automatically on every post you make.
  4. by   donmurray
    Click on "user cp" Then "edit profile" scroll down, and there's a box to enter your signature. It's easier to just type it in. Don't forget to save the change "submit modifications" at the bottom of the screen before coming out again! been there!
  5. by   donmurray
    AAAAhhhh.... pipped at the post!!!
  6. by   nightingale
    Thank you for helping with that! Now I need to spend some time on a good quote....

  7. by   Jen911
    Ah, thanks! I'd always wondered how to do that!!!!!

  8. by   donmurray
    ROFL! My underpants say "St. Michael"