How did you & your Spouse or Significant Other Meet?

  1. How old were you? How long have you been together now? Are you still happy? Any kids?

    I love these kinds of stories. Here is how my husband & I met:

    We worked in the same camp as counselars when he was 16 & I was 15. We lived about 10 minutes away from one another. I thought he was the biggest geek! LOL! Anyway, time went by and we ended up working again in the same flea market. By then he was kind of cute!

    We started dating for awhile. Then he went off to the Air Force. He was 18 and I was 17. We broke up...But somehow we always ended up bumping into eachother (when he came back in town).

    Well, we had an 10 year "seperation". In that time, he had been engaged to someone else, and so had I. He broke off his engagement and so did I. But every time we would see eachother, we were dating other people. The timing never seemed right...We kept in touch sporadically.

    Fast forward, I was 26 and he was 27. I was working in a retail store as a store manager. He was in the mall down the road shopping. He was curious to see if I was still working in that same store. So he called up my job and sure enough I was there.

    He was coming in as I was going on a lunch break. We banged into eachother and have not been seperate since!

    We got engaged when I was 27, married at 28...had a baby at 32 and now I am going to be 36.

    I am still happy! I married the boy next door!

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  3. by   JJFROG
    He was in the first college class I ever took. It was an 8am religion class, and he walked in and I thought he was just about the cutest man I had ever seen. Well the professor was horrible and the class was at 8am, he was a seasoned junior and new how to add/drop a class. I on the other hand was a new freshman and did not realize that I had the power to change to a different class. The second day of class he was not there, I was kind of disappointed but out him out of my mind.

    Well, my now husband started "dating" one of my sorority sisters, so I saw him around. She was just seeing him to fill in the gaps of her life as she had a serious boyfriend at another school. I had become friends with my now husbands friends and let him know that she was not serious about him and nearly had a fiance at another school. Well.....need I say more? I was honest with my sorority sis and told her I had feelings for him and she let me have him! We are all best friends now, and we all have who we were meant to be with.
    I came home from work one night and he was in my living room. Haven't gone a day without looking at his mug since then.

  5. by   prn nurse
    I was in the band....marching.... at college. He was marching behind me. He said watching my butt thru football season did it for him !!
  6. by   aus nurse

    Been together online for about 8 months......been together in real life for 2 weeks....blissfully happy
  7. by   ICUBecky
    whoever says that relationships that start in a bar don't full of crap.

    i met my honey at a danceclub...after i spilled my long island iced tea all over his new shirt, in my drunken state. i apologized, and he thought i was too cute to let go...he was sober. so we danced for the rest of the night. he asked me for my phone number, and luckily my roommate was standing right there...because i couldn't remember it for the life of me!!! neither of us had a pen or paper or napkin or anything...soooo he remembered it until he got home. the next day he called me and the rest is history!!

    we've been together for 3 years, have just become engaged and are getting married may 10th!!! yiiiippppeee!!!!:roll :roll :chuckle

  8. by   Rustyhammer
    We too, met in a bar. Was introduced by a mutual friend 2 nights in a row. Left Montana for our first official date to the Telluride Bluegrass festival in Colorado.
    That was 18 years ago.
    *She still loves me*
  9. by   sunnygirl272
    of course she does..she makes ya rhubarb pie!!1
  10. by   kelligrl
    We met the summer before I started 9th grade, I was 14, he was 15. Summer school love.... We got married when I was 20, have 2 little girls....We just celebrated 8 yrs. married, 13 together...I guess he's alright...:chuckle
  11. by   Lausana
    well I always hesitate on these questions, it's been a rocky road lately, in his life, which translates into ours :chuckle but I love him anyhoo...

    Summer before senior year of high school, Fourth of July weekend, the 5th to be exact! A guy friend, whose family has a house on a lake where we spent a lot of weekends, invited my friend & I up & said his friend was also coming, thinking 'ugh, what loser is this going to be' my friend had met him before and said he was cute..'right' I thought. Was running late when they got to my house, went au natural and jumped in a different car, didn't even pay attention to the friend :imbar He said he was smitten at first site, lol, sure!

    Anyway, we had a great time that day & he was cute we took a jet ski out and although I'm a great driver he insisted on driving & and nearly drowned me I couldn't be mad I was laughing to hard due to his continuous I turned on the charm & spent the afternoon lathering myself in sun tan oil and lounging in the sun with him like the tease I was...Ah the good old flirtatious days!

    Our first official date was August 21 (he was still so intimidated that he was scared of me hehehe wish he still was)...and started offically "seeing" each other Sept 15th...four years ago next week Good, bad, and even ugly times...and I still love him.
  12. by   moonchild20002000
    I met my husband on a blind date! I only went to help out a friend.I was 16 years old,it was 1967. We have been together since that time,married 33 years!
  13. by   Ragin Cajun
    I was 18 and working as a cna in a large hosp. My now husband had brought in one of the pledges from his fraternity with a broken arm. He was the "Number 1" as they call it and responsible for all, especially out-of-towners. I admitted him to the floor,(cna duties), and got to talking to them. The pledge asked me out first. I later found out that my husband has 'ordered' him to do this to get my phone number, as he was too shy to ask for himself. We dated for six months and got married. After we had been married about 10yrs, I found out that my husband could see through my uniform despite wearing a slip, and he loved the shape of my legs. I was embarassed when he told me this, even after all these years. We've been married 32yrs. as of July 18th. We have two sons. One is in the Navy, the other is still in college. We have two granddaughters. We are still happy after all these years, and everyone told me it would never work since we had only known each other for 6mo. when we married. Oh well !!!!
  14. by   Michelle_nurse
    I am 26 next week. We have been "together" for 3 years and 4 months.

    We knew of each other in high school. (He was a grade behind me), we had common friends, but never spoke, he played guitar in a band where everyone was in my grade but him, so he stood out to me. He actually grew up in the town next to me!!

    Aug 1, 1998 (4 years after I graduated HS) I was on a public Montreal bus and I recognized Steve as he got on the bus. He was in his Customs uniform, he recognized me too. I asked "hey aren't you Steve from the band?" We chatted all the way to the metro station (where we now live) and we said bye, 5 seconds later I heard him running down the escalator. (My metro was coming), he asked me for my number in case there was a hS get together.

    He called me the next day and we chatted for a long time, although I was in a bad relationship at the time. We were friends for 9 months, we spoke mostly on the phone and met up occasionally. I thought of him only as a friend, but suspected that he may have liked me more then a friend.

    May 1999, I started feeling major feelings for him suddenly...The "bad relationship" was out of the picture.
    I started seeing him more, and invited him out one night with my friends, and we had our first kiss

    We got engaged on Vday 2002, and the wedding is June 2003.

    Yes I am still VERY HAPPY!!!

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