How did the 2 of you meet?

  1. OK...Time for me to start a nice topic for a change...

    I was thinking about my Hubby & what we will do tonight (prob not much since I have a killer sinus infection), when I got to wondering...

    For those of you in a serious relationship, how did the 2 of you meet?

    I always find people's stories fascinating. Guess that's why I find "A Wedding Story" on TV fun to watch.

    My hubby & I have known ea other since we were 8 years old. We lived only one street away from ea other and he was a friend of my brother's. But for many years, he was just this guy. THEN: High school and here he is: Blond, green eyes, plays football.......WHOA! He is 5 months younger than I am, which was enough to make him one year behind me in school. So, even tho I felt he was a hunk, I didn't think he would ever ask me out.

    Then, all of a sudden he started showing up at my locker to walk me out the door at the end of the day. Problem: He had a girlfriend. So why, you may ask, did he walk w me? Well, we were both riding home with the same person, who lived three doors down the street from me. See, we are talking 1970, when not EVERY kid over 16 had a car.

    Well, he & I were walking along one day when he said, "OMG...there's a friend of Janet's! Qick! Walk in front of me! Janet will get mad if she finds out we were together!"

    I got mad and told him if he couldn't make her understand we were just friends, then he could quit meeting me at my locker.

    Next day, there he is......he & Janet had broken up and he was asking me out!!!

    We have been together ever since. Got married 5 days after he graduated High School. He was working for the loal telephone company and I was a phlebotomist at a clinic/hospital. He made $2.35 hour and I made $1.85....we thought we were rich!!!

    And here we are...June 10th will be 31 years and we are happier than ever!!! (And they said it wouldn't last....:chuckle )
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  3. by   NurseShell
    First....Congratulations on 31 years!!! Great story by the way!!

    Ok...I met my Hubby when I was 17. I got a job at the local carpet store as receptionist after school and on weekends. He was the inventory clerk. At the time he as 23 so WAY out of my league. Besides, he had a girlfriend.

    I started dating this other guy that worked there too...kind of seriously...'til right after HS graduation.

    In Aug. we started taking lunch at about the same time and "talking"...a group of us went to a baseball game/fireworks show at the stadium (we were paired off with other people) and the next night we went to a mutual friend's house to watch movies - and he drove me home by way of his place where we literally talked until 3:00am!!

    My mother actually waited up for me for the very first time that night!! I was 18 by then but she was so pizzed!!! She got over it - eventually.

    He proposed that New Year's Eve and we got married 18 months later...this July 7th will be 13 years!!!
    I was living at home with my mom. She was seriously involved with this guy, who was on this dart league. Well, one of his dart buddies came over to play one night. I came home from work, and there was my hubby standing in my living room. Pretty easy, huh? When I think of the lengths people go to to meet men..... :chuckle

    Of course, sometimes I wish I'd just worked late that night.

  5. by   CCL"Babe"
    First time I meet my husband was in 1978 at a car accident. I was an art major in college and was cutting classeds when my freinds and I witnessed this bad wreck. He was the command officer of the accident. Didn't meet him again until 5 years later when he was testing my class in CPR. Had just filed for divorce that day. Wanted nothing to do with him (or any man). It took him six months of hard work to get me to say yes to a date. I pretty much knew he was who I wanted to be with after that night, but it took another 5 years until I was ready to try marriage again.
  6. by   baseline
    Met my honey while I was working on the Navajo reservation. On a typical Friday nite with nothing to do.....on the internet in a chat room. Started talking ...... talked for a couple of hours.....met the next day and chatted a couple more hours.....met that nite....talked and talked. ..... then it was the telephone......a voice that could melt granite......(phone sex voice as one of my friends calls it!). Next thing ya know, he flew in from Canada to meet me in Arizona and we have been flying back and forth ever since! A couple of years now I think! Love the internet!
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    I was in the process of getting a long, drawn out divorce and my friends invited me to go out to a local bar to have some fun and get my mind off of my stressors. We ran into some friends of theirs, and they introduced me to a nice looking guy. Of course, the last thing on my mind was wanting to date anyone anytime soon. But the next day was Easter and the nice looking guy was military and had no familly in the area, and he asked me out to dinner. I explained to him that I had two kids and was planning on having a family barbeque with my best friends and their family, but I've always had a soft spot for the military guys, so I invited him to come to dinner with us at my friends house.

    I didn't think he would show up, but he did. The funny thing is that my best friend has a rather large, loud and crazy family that I had become a part of over the years. Think Big Fat Greek Wedding, but Hispanic! When he got there, the mariachi music was blasting, everyone had to look him over, he was practically interrogated, the kids later ran up to him squirting him with water guns, and he almost got his block knocked off by a blindfolded kid with a big stick trying to find the pinata. At that time, I know it was a huge culture shock for him. He was a naieve southern boy and had really never been around kids.

    Halfway through the party, he decided that he was going to run to the store to get some more soda. After he left, we were taking bets on whether or not he was coming back! I was one of the ones thinking that he wouldn't! But he did come back, to my surprise, and even asked me out again. After all he had endured, I had to make it up to him! So I dated him for a while, and after three years we got married. We still laugh about our first "date", and now he says it was all worth it! (Well, given my current stress level, sometimes I'm sure he wishes he wouldn't have come back from his soda run!)
  8. by   sphinx
    My husband and I met via the internet as well. I'd been married twice, and had basically sworn off I thought. I was very active in a depression newsgroup on usenet. He was also active there, and I noticed his e-mail address included the name of our city (it's a road runner account, they include the city name). I did something this shy girl would have never have done, and e-mailed him. Don't ask me why! I mean, we'd "talked" in threads before, but never one on one. We decided to meet for dinner at the Olive Garden on my way into work. At that time, I didn't even know how old he was...I actually thought he was quite a bit older than me, as he seemed so mature, intelligent, etc. Was I surprised, he's just a few years older, he was single (recently divorced), and handsome to boot!. We became good friends, but that was it at first. The newsgroup we were in gets together periodically in different cities to meet up face to face, have some fun. We decided to ride in together. By the end of that weekend, we were an item, and quite inseparable. Turns out we have a lot in common, the same values, goals in life, etc etc etc........turned me around 180 degrees in my "giving up men" idea, haha!!!! Now we are very happily married!
  9. by   deespoohbear
    It was 1987 and I was a church camp counselor. I had been coming to this camp since I was 13 as a camper. This particular year there was a really nice looking blond guy who was also on the counseling staff. He had the bluest eyes and nicest smile. Very quiet. We talked off and on that week. We wrote back and forth that next year and in 1988 when we met again everything clicked. I was 19 and he was 27. By the time I realized the age difference it was too late. We had both been twitterpatted. I figured my folks would just freak out when they found out I was in love with a man 8 years older than I. I asked him what his folks would say and he said that they better not say anything-his Dad was 8 years older than his Mom. Other little complication in our lives was a 300 mile difference in our homes. When I did tell my folks they took it pretty well. His folks were ecstatic. We got married on Jan 21, 1989. He is definitely the love of my life.... We have had some rough times in our marriage with infertility, homesickness, and other problems but we always managed to work through it. The past 2 years have been the absolute best...we just keep getting closer each year.... :kiss
  10. by   nursedawn67
    I met my hubby when I was 16 years old...just fixin to turn 17 he was 19 just going to turn 20. I was "going with" someone else and so was he. He told his buddy that one day he was going to take me out. We then met up a few weeks later at a town "teen" dance, he asked me to dance to the song "bang your head" he was a real nut...I thought he was pretty interesting. He asked me out again on July 1st, 1984...We became pretty inseperable and on July 20. 1984 he asked me to marry him. I graduated June of 1985 and we were married Dec 21, 1985 and have been together ever since. 18 years together marreid 17 years!
  11. by   nursedawn67
    THis is me and my hubby at my high school prom:

  12. by   nursedawn67
    And this is us now with our 3 daughters:

  13. by   Tweety
    I was at church (back in the day when I did such things) and I was talking to someone I just met. He says "what do you do?", I say "I'm a nurse", and he says "Oh, John over there is a nurse too, let me introduce you....." Six years later we are together.
  14. by   JohnnyGage
    Chalk up another couple to the internet...

    I had recently got my computer back online and I was cleaning out some old saved sites. One of my hobbies is collecting strange personal ads (my favorite: "Maid Wanted -- marriage highly possible"). I was getting a chuckle on Love@AOL when I came across an ad that really caught my eye. Her picture was cute and we had a lot of the same interests.

    I whipped off a letter to her never expecting a reply. I got one anyway. I wrote back not expecting a reply. I got one anyway.

    This continued for a couple of weeks until she suggested we meet. She was late, but that's OK because I called her by the wrong name. :imbar

    It all turned out well in the end. We've been married over a year and hoping for kids real soon.