How did the 9-11 Firefighters postage stamp get so screwed up ?

  1. Reading the papers today, I noticed the new stamp honoring the "Heroes of 2001" became available for purchase yesterday. Remember the flap about the design of the stamp? The New York City Fire Department is about 90 % anglo. The newspaper photograph depicted the true event, three anglo firemen raising a U.S. flag amid the rubble. Well,....when it came time for the stamp to be designed, all the minority groups demanded to be represented equally. What is laughable, IMHO, is, ... the stamp photo shows the two minority guys, ( a black and a hispanic), raising the flag, and the white guy is standing back with his hands on his hips WATCHING !!! "Politically correct." The stamp sells for 45 is to be used on first class 34 cent mail......the other 11 cents goes to FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They say they will use the money to provide assistance to the families of the emergency services personnel who were killed. I personally plan to show my opinion of this mythical image --- "politically correct" stamp by not purchasing it. I plan to continue purchasing the breast cancer stamp that provides a few cents for breast cancer research.
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  3. by   joyflnoyz
    I heard about this a while back..i thought there was to be a statue of the pic, and it was to be change from what actually happened so it would make everyone feel good. It is an insult.

    Doncha just love revising history? <sarcasm mode on>

    I will NOT be purchasing that stamp..
    Who would have thought that someday we would be taking the liberty to change the image of a historical event in an effort to be politically correct? It's sad in my opinion.

    I won't be purchasing the stamp either.

  5. by   prn nurse
    And continuing with political correctness, where is the female firefighter on the stamp? It is 'cause of us females they are called firefighters. Forty years ago, they were called "firemen."
    Good point prn, and I bet if we complain, they'll commission someone else to recreate the scene once again!


  7. by   CashewLPN
    passing ground zero every day is more than enough for me-- I take the M1 bus from Canal street to south ferry via b-way...
    I wish that they'd just put things on the stamps like the way they were...
    And, I wish that I didnt have to hear tourists say 'We're gonna DO ground zero...'
    Dear Goddess... its a ******* Crater... A crater that smells like death.... In Kali's sake-- goddess-- why cant they respect the dead, and perhaps not treat it like a tourist attraction...
    'where do we buy tickets to get onto the stand, WHY cant I buy them HERE(in whiny voice, obviously not new yorker)'
    'ooh... I'm gonna try and touch the wall where all the stuff is(on b-way)'(show some respect)
    'gee... theres nothing there.'(whaddya think... after all, they only blew it all up with all the people inside)
    Goddess... it just irritates me.
    I still think about it... and it still hurts me like it was yesterday... I see the skyline EVERY morning... I smell the air... it might just be me, but lower manhattan still smells like death... Every day, another alert in the subway.... my school building with massively increased security.... Getting the bag searched every day.... getting hassled for carrying my culinary arts knife kit by the cops on the train(my aunt , the transit cop. happened to be coming onto the train as sargeant dumbass was hassling me)
    innumerate tourists asking for ground zero... looking up, and I know it will never be the same... my heart still broken...
    and, I still do wake up stuck in the dream of being at work... waiting for people to come...
    and nobody did.

    sorry for the rant. it just kills me too much sometimes

  8. by   grneturtle
    Me again!
    You know what I am unhappy about is yes the firefighters risked there lives,the police the regular citizen on the street. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NURSES WHO WORKED 24 HRS SHIFTS COULDNT GO HOME CARING FOR ALL THE CASUALTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Brownms46
    I became sad all over again...just reading your post Barbara. I can't even imagine living in NY at this time! I havaen't been home since 1988...not NY...but Buffalo. But I have many relatives...and a sister who's company was headquartered in the Towers...and they lost 11 people that day! I was still in Wa. state at the time...and I didn't even realize how far I really was from there...until this happened. There are friends I haven't seen in years...and I was afraid to call their homes...for fear I would hear some awful news. I remember watching local NY News stations...and I couldn't stop was just continuosly devastating. I couldn't even begin to imagine how this must affect you, and all the other NYers...who have been there day in and day out!.. And I totally get how you much feel to hear tourist talk about Ground if it was the newest attraction!.. I'm sooo very hear how this is affecting you. The rest of the country has gone on about their daily business...but for those who live there just isn't possible to put it aside...when you see it everyday...

    I think we all lost something that day. Maybe not a love one...but we lost some our security...and definitely part of who we are as American....was wretched away also...when those towers came down!... None of us will ever be the same again...
  10. by   Mkue
    45 cents for a stamp, geez, and a politically correct one at that !

    No Thanks.

    It's more of a fairy tale stamp since it doesn't depict the true people involved.

    There are other ways they can raise money besides selling the public bogus stamps. I say give the original flag raisers credit as they were representing all of mankind.

    Marie:imbar :stone
  11. by   prn nurse
    According to the Tuesdays' Washington Post , there has been more than 3.3 BILLION dollars raised for the survivors of 9-11. ALL firefighter families who suffered a loss have received > 1 million dollars.

    The original photograph that was taken by a New York Times reporter showed three white New York firemen raising our flag over the rubble. When the news came out , that a stamp was going to be issued honoring the heroes of 9-11, the minority groups pitched a fit, NAACP came out fighting and demanded a black firefighter be included on the stamp. Then , the Hispanics chimed in. The WASPS (as usual) caved.

    So, we have a myth stamp. I wish you would email your buds your thoughts on this. I think we should send the government a message re: reality vs. political correctness, and get a national stamp rejection movement going. They have collected enough $$$ via charities. ..IMHO. Besides, this stamp $$$ goes to a government agency.!

    The newspaper says this is the 2nd stamp to have its net proceeds earmarked for a specific purpose. (The extra 11 cents.)
    The first was issued in 1998 to benefit breast cancer research and has raised more than $25 million to date.

    $25 million in 4 1/2 years !! A far cry from the $3.3 billion dollars raised in 6 months for the 9-11 survivors. There's another thread....these statistics show there is $$$ out there for breast cancer research...but no impetus/motivating force to get people to donate. Lets encourage our buds to purchase the breast cancer stamp, I think it costs 37 cents.
  12. by   kittyw
    Another thing ... this stamp is disrespectful to the ACTUAL firefigthers that were there and in the photo.

    What a shame.