How about TV show theme songs

  1. I'm really enjoyin the commercial thread. It's fun to think about things besides work. What about all the TV theme songs if it's not been done before.

    Remember this, one of my favorites(showin my age)

    Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep these doggies rollin

    Does anyone remember all the words to Gilligand's Island?
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  3. by   Nova "Proz Jr"
  4. by   aimeee
    Kaycee-I would be embarassed if I did! I know quite a few snippets of it, and if you sang it with me it would come back to me but I can't do it on my own off the top of my head.

    Okay, here's an easy one:

    They're creeky and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, ______________. Snap! snap!

    (I didn't have to dig that one out of a search engine either! )
  5. by   kaycee
    The Adams Family da da da da snap snap!
  6. by   Janet Barclay
    sit right down and hear a tale,
    a tale of a fateful trip
    that started on this tropic shore
    aboard a tiny ship
    The mate was a mighty sailin man
    the skipper brave and true
    5 passengers set sail that day for a three hour cruise
    a three hour cruise
    the weather started getting rough
    the tiny ship was tossed
    if not for the courage of the fearless crew the ship would be lost
    the ship would be lost

    ok now i'm stuck, but the ending is...
    with gilligan
    the skipper to
    the millionaire and his wife
    the movie star,
    the professor and Maryanne
    here on gilligan's isle!

    guess you cna tell how I spent my childhood
  7. by   aimeee
    Good job, Janet! How many times do you think you have seen each episode?

    Ever hear it (the Addams family tune)used as a grace?

    We thank You, Lord, for giving
    The things we need for living
    Like food and fun and friendship,
    We thank You, Lord, today.

    ah-ah-ah-men (snap, snap)Amen!
    ah-ah-ah-men(snap, snap)Amen
    ah-ah-ah-men, ah-ah-ah-men,
    ah-ah-ah-men (snap, snap)Amen!
  8. by   Janet Barclay
    probably about 7000 times aimee

    the ship touched down on the shores of this uncharted desert isle

  9. by   kaycee
    Good job, except instead of ship I think it was the Minow(sp) would be lost.
  10. by   klhs
    ok.. anyone know the words to the "laverne and shirley" sitcom?
  11. by   Ted
    I'm impressed the people remember the lyrics to the TV theme songs. I tend to remember the instrumental only TV theme songs. Remember the themes to "Taxi", "Barnie Miller", "Star Treck" (all versions), "My Favorite Martian", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Hawaii Five-O", "Dr. Who" (one of my favorites), "Monty Python", "The Andy Griffith Show"???? . . . to name just a few!!!

    My gosh . . . I guess I watch to much television


    Ted Fiebke
  12. by   CEN35

    Speed racer, Auqua boy, the laugue of heros,..........OMG!!!!!!!! There are no words to the little rascals!!!!!!! Happy days!!!!! hmmmmm there are lots!!!! The rookies, SWAT, Mod squad, Brady bunch, Chips, lol!!!!!!! geeezeee.....better shut sounding old now!!!

  13. by   kaycee
    Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed.
    And then one day he was shootin up some food,
    when up through the ground came a bubblin crude.
    Oil that is Texas gold.
    The first thing ya know ole Jed's a millonaire,
    his kin folk said Jed move away from there.
    They said Californy is the place ya oughta be,
    so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly, Hills that is.

    Anyone know the rest?
  14. by   night owl
    Swimmin' pools, movie starz... Is there more???