hospital discrimination?is it possible?

  1. Today has been hectic for me...last night I had to leave work early because my little girl wasn't feeling well...I stayed up all night with her and ended up taking her to the ER becuase she had began throwing up bile and was in exteme pain @ her right lower abdominal quad and also right flank pain....SIRENS AND BELLS RED FLAG!!!
    I take her in, and told them I had no insurance because I was in transition between 2 jobs...
    to make a long story short, the dr looked at me like I was some sort of dumb @$% and said it's just the stomach flu...
    I asked what was the pain all about then... he told me not to worry and bring her back in when she got worse..
    I proceeded to ask him if there was anyway he would do a CBC on her just to rule out the possibility..HE told me not to worry and that doing labs to a child was creul and unusual punishment!!!!!
    before we left, my daughter was c/o pain in her right we told the nurse and he said it was because of diarrhea...and my lil girl told them that her BM was "smooshy" not watery...
    Am i wrong for being upset? Is this something you see in hospitals often?
    I am truly sorry if I offended anyone out there who works in the ER..I just needed to vent............
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    I don't work in the hospital yet (just a student) but maybe the Doc was just a jerk because it is a holiday...
  4. by   deespoohbear
    Yeah, I do believe that people without insurance or who are on Medicaid are discriminated against. We were in the process of adopting our sons, they were on Medicaid because they were wards of the state. One night, the 5 year old was having increasing difficulty breathing and basically grasping for breath. Even my husband said it was time to take him in to the ER (and my husband does not say that often). We took "Joe" in and I told the ER that he was having trouble breathing. I told them that he was a foster child that we were in the process of adopting. The doctor barely even touched him, didn't even listen to his chest. Told me the kid had a cold and to take him home. Boy, was I honked. We brought the kid home and spent the whole night on the porch with him (an autumn night) so he could breathe easier. The next morning I had the kid in at my own doctor's, and he told me the kid had croup. He said we did the right thing by staying out on the porch all night with him. He said the ER doc should have at least reassured us that he would be okay. I told our doctor that I thought my family was discriminated against because "Joe" was a Medicaid patient. Never did let that ER doc touch another one of my children. Two years later, my youngest had some problems after a T & A, and that same ER physician was on duty. I told the ER nurse that I wanted my own physician paged or the surgeon who did the surgery paged, but that other jerk was not touching my child. My own physician came and saw my child. When it comes to your children's health sometimes you have to be assertive to get the care they need.

    How is your daughter today? Hope she is all better.
  5. by   baseline
    My experience tells me that the Doc was being a jerk. Unfortunately there are a fair share of them out there. I am sorry you had a bad experienc. How is your daughter today?
  6. by   CraftyLPN
    Thank god she is feeling better.. n/v right now..keeping phenegran in her system as well as tylenol..but she still c/o a steady "ache" in her right side of her stomach and flank area..THANK YOU FOR CARING!!!!!!!!!!:kiss :kiss
  7. by   nurseman
    Glad she is feeling better hope that she gets well soon.

    Did he do a urine dip to rule out an UTI? I've worked in an outpost and with any flank pain we always did a dip. W relied on these guidelines for everything. Chapter 12 has ABD problems and it may be of interest.

    Note this guide is intended for nurses in the far North. We were an one hour helicopter ride away from a doctor or a lab. NO ROADS a fly in only community.
  8. by   l.rae
    you should come to the ER where l work....the residents there will work up a hang nail......ct name it.
  9. by   bagladyrn
    I would have quietly informed this doc that I wanted his diagnosis in writing, was making notes that he refused appropriate testing, wanted his full name and qualifications and would follow up with administration, and with my lawyer if my child suffered any harm from a delay in treatment. But then I'm a pushy broad.....
  10. by   emily_mom
    You go baglady! I say I wouldn't put up with it, but I usually do. I actually got into an argument with one of the ER docs over my daughter. She was scheduled for a T & A in 6 days. She came down with a HORRIBLE sinus infection, so I took her to urgent care. The doc there didn't believe in antibiotics and refused to treat her, even though she was having surgery. He said that he had the same thing and it was gone in 6 weeks. Excuse me, I don't have 6 weeks. So, I ended up storming out and call my doc the next morning for a prescription, which he called in for me. This doc is so bad many nurses wouldn't work with him (he is gone now). What an a*s...

  11. by   CraftyLPN
    All that dr did was push around her stomach..THAT WAS IT!!!!!!no urine stick, no blood tests nothing..that's what made me so DARN mad!!!!!!!!!!!!She was sitting in ER w/ N/V and still sat on his keister!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   mattsmom81
    Right sided specific and flank pain is NOT the norm in 'stomach flu' least not that I've heard of.

    Watch her close for signs of infection ...Tylenol and Phenergan may be masking signs and symptoms..hope you've located a PCP to see her and followup.

    I have heard of appendicitis presenting this way...and UTI's can also present with NVD. You are right to be concerned, I would too.

    Let us know how she is doing. That doc was an uncaring jerk.
  13. by   nurs4kids
    I'm not sure it's abnormal, or discrimination, not to run labs for stomach pain, but..

    Does she have rebound tenderness?? This would indicate probable appendicitis. I'm guessing she doesn't which is why he ruled out probable appendicitis.

    Has she been febrile??

    Is she dehydrated? Again, I'm hoping..guessing not.

    A cbc is not going to rule out or in appendicitis..need an ultrasound or ct for definitive dx of appy. Not defending the doc, and if it were MY kid, i'd be just like you, BUT..
    if lab work were done on every kid that walked through the ER with N/V & diarrhea, we'd have medical premiums ten times the current ones. It just doesn't make sense to run a cbc with only those symptoms. You have to look at the whole pic..the hydration status, the length of symptoms, the intensity of symptoms, etc.

    However, if her symptoms persist...DEMAND an ultrasound. I've cared for many post-op ruptured appy kids..with angry parent's..because they'd presented at ER's several times prior to receiving a dx.

    good luck!
  14. by   CraftyLPN
    I probably was over-reacting.. but still...she was just so sick and in pain... and i was feeling helpless.....BTW she is feeling alot better...and yes...thanx r true...