Hopefully someone can figure this out??

  1. I got a letter today, and it says I had a check come back, that was written at Costco in Eugene, OR. I have NEVER been inside a Costcos ANYWHERE let alone in OR! I NEVER write checks to Dept Stores, but use a check or credit card, at least not in the last 10yrs! The letter was sent to an address that is NOT on my checks, as I have just moved here in the last month!

    I called Costcos in Eugene, and they have no record of an outstanding check. But the manager I talked to reccomend I called back in the morning, and talk to the business office. I also called my bank, and they have no record of ANY check being sent back. Plus the check is for less than $80.00, and I have a LARGE overdraft protection on my account for years now, and have had NO return checks!

    I called the collection agency that sent the letter, but got an answering machine. So I will be calling back in the morning. In the meantime this is costing me money to call long distance to figure this out!

    My question is how could this happen?? If someone stole a check or made up a check for my account, which I doubt, how would they even have the very new PO BOX, that we just got less than 2 weeks ago?? How did the collection agency get it??? And how could a check be returned from my account that never went thru my bank account??? The bank checked for the stated amount all the way back to 3/3/03!

    I'm totally confused??? Does anyone have any idea what happened here??? Any suggestions??
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Maybe it is a scam to get you to duscuss your act numbers. PLEASE be careful. Don't discuss your acct munbers w these people! If your bank has no record of it, my bet is it is a scam.
  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Maybe it is a scam to get you to duscuss your act numbers. PLEASE be careful. Don't discuss your acct munbers w these people! If your bank has no record of it, my bet is it is a scam.
    Sounds strange to me too. Don't give them any of your information! Many times they tell you that they can't give you the info that they have on file due to privacy issues, but if you give them your info, they will "verify" it.

    See if they can tell you what bank the check is from, and what number the check is. Then you can check it against your account. I hope you can get it straightened out.
  5. by   Brownms46
    You know that is what I thought when I first opened the letter! What I don't understand is how they got my brand new address??? It is a PO Box, and is not the physical address everyone else has! I will be VERY careful when I talk with them tomorrow. I looked the colleciton company up on the net, and found them. Their address and name is the same on the letter, and the envelope.

    But I will ask them for the bank and the account number they have, and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback you two..
  6. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Could also be someone with your same name. I recently went to renew my driver's license and told there was a stop on them. I supposedly had an outstanding ticket in another county. Turned out the lady's name was Melinda and we had the same last name but slightly different spelling. (last 2 letters switched)
  7. by   Brownms46
    That is my other thought Belinda, as the middle initial they sent the letter to, is my middle initial...but NOT the one on my checking account. The bank when I opened the account used my maiden name as my middle initial. That is the other way I know there couldn't be a check written on my account, as they should have used the intial on from my account. I can hardly wait until tomorrow to hear this collection company's explanation of what is going on here.

    In the meantime I'm writing them a letter requesting a copy of the check. I'm going to fax it to them, and have them fax it back to me.
    Thanks for the feedback, as it is much appreciated..
  8. by   Brownms46
    Belinda you were correct! It was someone with the same EXACT name, but she is twenty years younger than me! Come to find out, she lives in Eugene, and she wrote a check in Costcos in 2001. She also banked a different bank than me, and her SSN was totally different. One person tried to get me to give them my last 4 of my SSN, but I refused!! Then a supervisor got on the line. I told him this person was twenty years younger than me, and he had the nerve to ask me if I would like to trade places with her.?? I told him NO! As it is obvious, she has a problem keeping her finances staight!

    They told me they would take my address out of their data base, and I wouldn't be bothered again. I think this person has given them the slip, and they have no idea where she is, and are going around trying to LUCK up on the right person! I think that is a messed up way to do business.

    NO ONE should be getting a letter like the one I got, unless they're the person who did the deed. Otherwise, ...these people have just given away someones's personal info I have this person's SSN, her BD, and the city where she lives! This should have NEVER happened!!! I hope she finds out somehow and sues their butts, and then pays Costco the money she owes them...:chuckle!
  9. by   CountrifiedRN
    Glad you got it straightened out. That is so frustrating! After reading belindas post I remembered that years ago, my hubby got a bill from Block Buster for $900 for videos that were never returned. Although he did have an account with them, they were vidoes that we never rented, and when I called BB they said they had been rented from a store in Texas. We've never been to Texas!

    The person I spoke with was telling me that what probably happened was that it was a person with the same name, and they ran a check through their system, found my husbands name, and added them on to his account! What Malarkey! When in the process of removing them from hubbys account, the rep made a comment that his doctor also had our last name. My reply was "Well, I hope he doesn't get a bill too!"

    Anyway, it was a big inconvenience because I had to call all over the place to finally find a person who could help me with the problem. And they didn't even offer a free rental!
  10. by   SandyB
    Been there too...had Exxon and Chevron calling for someone with a different middle inital who skipped out on some bills. They used the phone book to find me and told me I owed them money....what a pain! they don't really seem to care if they find the right person, finding anyone shows they are doing their job.
    It took a supervisor at both Exxon and Chevron to fix it so that MY name is off the hook. Sadly, I bet this is not the last time this kind of stuff is gonna happen as it becomes easier to use a computer to find anyone who has a similar name.
  11. by   Brownms46
    You what?? This all really sucks! I just looked my name up on the net, and found several people with MY name! I'm wondering if they will be getting a little letter saying they owe $72.54! I think if they can find your address, they should be looking for a lot more than just your name before ASSUMING it's the person they're looking for!

    I guess that is why there is constant talk about constantly checking your credit report, for errors, as it seems this is all TOO common!!!
  12. by   Nurse Ratched
    Ours is an unusual last name for around here (altho in Tennessee we are a dime a dozen lol.) We periodically get calls from bill collectors looking for people with the same last name. They just call us because we're one of the very few in the book with that name. Sometimes they even act a little skeptical that it's not us, but I know they're just shooting buckshot trying to find the person. And they figure if they scare someone else into paying something they don't owe, either way they got the money.
  13. by   Brownms46
    Yeaah that is how that chick that called acted...like she didn't believe me. I told her that NONE of the info they have matches me, and it was on them to prove differently. The only thing that matched were the names. We didn't even have the same bank!

    And I believe you're right Nurse Ratched. If they could scare someone into paying them, what do they care! Just real messed up...IMO. In this day of indenity theft, these people gave me waay too much info on this woman!!!