1. I posted this in the student section by mistake - so if you have already read this, sorry.

    It's a great day to be a Hossier!!!
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  3. by   stevie b
    That was the best game I have seen inyears! GO HOOSIERS
  4. by   st4304
    It was so amazing!!!! Not the game so much but my husband, a Purdue grad and staunch Purdue supporter, who was actually jumping up and down and shouting in support of the Hoosiers!!!! I never in my wildest thoughts would have believed it.

    GO HOOSIERS!!! GO MIKE DAVIS!!! Bobby, have any regrets?
  5. by   bhart
    Look out Atlanta - we're going to the Final Four!
  6. by   sassynurse78
    I have never followed basketball very close, but I hope the Hoosiers go all the way WITHOUT Bobby knight!