Hooray? New baby?

  1. well, where to start? remember my post about a month ago about my dad's nutty girlfriend wanting me to have babies asap? i think she jinxed me.
    my hus and i decided that we really wouldn't try to get preg for about 2 more years. i have severe pcos and it wouldn't be real easy and it would be real expensive. my ob told me i would have to do the ovarian drilling procedure or klomid. a little scary. but the plan was to go completely off birth control for 2 years first. ob said he was next to certain i would not get pregnant without some help anyhow. little did he know...
    i woke up at about 3 am a month or so ago and was vomiting for hours. i thought i just picked something up and was silently cursing every pt i had seen vomit in the last week. (that was a lot of cursing)
    next day, i felt fine. couple of days later, started the 3 am puke session again. and so it went. i thought my ulcer was bothering me again since i had been eating jalapenos on everything for a few days. humh??? nope, no lights on yet. then on a sunday afternoon i cried at 2 lifetime movies. i am not one to cry at anything, much less a cheesy movie. that night i woke up and it hit me. ran to the grocery store in the middle of the night and what do ya know, the pg test was positive. my hus was laughing all night. he says he already knew. right. whatever. i just can't believe i didn't see it sooner. but, in my defense, i was told that it was next to imposs. w/o some sort of infertility meds or procedures. miracles do happen. not sure i am really ready for this, but is anyone ever really ready? and what am i going to do without an entire pot of coffee everymorning? know what? i don't care because it just hit me...

    i am having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we haven't told anyone yet, so i guess that typing it out and looking at it in writing made it finally sink in. let me say it one more time and then i'll get out of here
    i am having a baby!!!!!!!!! (just a weeee bit happy)
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  3. by   ARmickie
    Congrats!!! Hope all goes well for you.
  4. by   nurseygrrl
    I am so happy for you! What a miracle!!
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  6. by   manna
    Congrats! I know you must be excited...

    Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy, hon!
  7. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Hooray!!! Congratulations on your little miracle!!! Kind thoughts and warm wishes and hopes for the future for your little family!!!!!
    :hatparty: :hatparty: :angel2:
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    :hatparty: :hatparty: congratulations!!!!! :hatparty:
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    undefinedheartfelt congratulations momma ang! what a lovely surprise!!!! just to think, this is only the beginning of something miraculous and the best is yet to come. you go girl. and of course to the proud papa.

  11. by   karenG
    oh...........congratulations!! I am so pleased for you!

  12. by   Tweety
    Woot! Congrats!
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    OOOH!!!! Congrats! Keep us updated! -Andrea