Home projects - what are your plans?

  1. We bought our house right before I started school, so I've had ideas for some redecorating projects for the past two years that have been on the back burner until I graduated. During breaks I did manage to paint the living room, my bedroom, and my bathroom, except that I haven't finished the trim. It's my least favorite thing to do!

    Here are some projects that I want to start this summer:

    I have a sunroom that really needs painting, and I've been putting it off because with all the windows there will be a lot of trim painting. Ugh!

    I want to change the wall paper in the kitchen, but I'm kind of afraid that I won't do a good job with lining it up. Has anyone hung wall paper, and is it very difficult?

    I want to pressure wash the back deck and stain it.

    I want to put some flowering plants, bushes, or trees in my yard so it doesn't look so drab. So far I've killed everything that I've tried to plant!

    Currently I'm working on my spring cleaning because I have family coming for graduation and I don't want them to see how much I've neglected my house keeping in the past two years! Almost done!

    I'm a total novice at decorating because I've always rented before this house and didn't want to put money into something that I would have to take down when I moved. I've been watching the decorating shows on TLC and I'm amazed at what they can do with so little money.

    So what are your current, or future, projects?
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  3. by   cwazycwissyRN
    Sounds like you are going to be busy. It is so much fun though.
    My sister in law is so good at hanging wall paper. It is much easier if you have two people. They make it so you can dip it in water, then hang. We used a straight edged razor and scissors to do the cutting. It can be a challenge to line things up, but with one to hold the paper at the top, the other to line it up and mark where it needs cut, helps. Then wet it and hand it to the one holding it at the top and start smoothing it down. I don't know if I am making sense. It is easier to show ya. good luck on your projects and keep us posted.

    My projects during the summer are almost all outdoors. I have one more corner of my yard to do something with. I am also trying to continue landscaping my mom and dads yard. I love doing this type stuff,,so generally I feel like I am playing instead of working.
  4. by   moz
    just put a new roof on, next paint the house...eventually add some closets.
    I hate wallpapering, but it always feels good to get it done especially when its needed it awhile.
  5. by   SingingNurse2
    My list is endless -

    buy & install new garage doors
    power wash house & fix rotten masonite siding
    stain front & back decks
    replace broken dining room window
    buy new porch swing
    paint living room & hallway
    the whole house needs new carpet/linoleum
    new screen door for front porch
    new oven (two burners stopped working after electrical storm)
    get chimney cleaned
    fence in the back yard

    My house isn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but we sure do have a lot to do.
  6. by   nimbex
    okay, down south, I am SSSOOOO inept, I can't grw grass in this dang sand..... I would love grass, but I stink at it.... soooo...

    I am makaing huge flower beds, with alot of mulch, to cover, ok, my husband is now outside, and I'm in here....
  7. by   jnette
    Put shelving paper in all my kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

    Then the biggie... clean out that basement !!! It's been totally neglected for the past three years as I was working fulltime and studying... but now I'm free to tackle it, and boyoboy, does it NEED it ! Three years of throwing the stuff downstairs, boxes and bags and old lawnmowers and old workout equipment, broken TVs, etc., etc., etc... plus all the stuff piled up for my "THIS year I'm really gonna have one" yard sale ..(ha ha !)

    Yeh, RIGHT ! Gonna need a tractor trailer to haul all this mess off !
  8. by   colleen10
    The past few days after work I have been scrubbing my back deck with water and bleach and it looks great. I allready bought the stuff to stain and water seal it, now all I need is two days without rain!

    I have to lightly sand and put down one more coat of paint on the floor of my front porch and it will all be completely done.

    My husband and I want to put in a vegetable garden. We allready stared plants in Jiffy Pots, now we have to actually figure out where to put the garden and dig it all out and plant.

    My husband is also re-wiring our attic and second floor and he's going to finish our attic so we've got dry wall and stuff up there. I'll be helping him with that I'm sure.
  9. by   JedsMom
    My home project is to actually START building our house. We are supposed to start hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks. Very scarey. They say if a marriage can survive building it can survive almost anything So far so good in the planning stage