home owners associations and the x-files

  1. Someone is currently running a thread about an Austrialian national getting in trouble with an American homeowners association for flying an Austrialian flag. That called to mind that x-files episode where an ancient earthspirt of somesort took up the cause of the home owners association in a new housing development. It started killing and maiming anyone who dared to put out a tacky lawn ornament. At the time I first saw the episode it scared the heck out of me but now when I think of it the idea was novel and very funny. Anyone else here still miss the x-files?
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  3. by   kirbybunny
    YES I miss the X-files! Best show ever! I'm buying all the seasons on DVD, but they are not cheap!

    ~ Jen
  4. by   longtermcarern
    watch them every night at midnight on tnt
  5. by   oramar
    Ahhh yes, reruns....I catch them now and them. No substitutions for that tingle I got when I had not a clue what was going on in the episode.
  6. by   colleen10
    I loved the X-Files but really, only the ones with Scully and Moulder, the early ones. I kind of lost interest in them when Moulder was abducted and the story concentrated on Aliens and UFO's, but I still thought that the X-Files movie was excellent!

    I really think that X-Files pushed the envelope, so to speak, in evening TV. Remember the story line with the in-bred family in Lancaster, PA, the Peacocks? I remember seeing that episode when it aired and my husband and I starring blankly at the TV saying "I can't believe they just showed that on TV!".

    And in the movie, in the beginning when they are looking for the bomb, very similar to the Oklahoma City Federal Bldg. bombing, the building even looked the same. I remember watching the movie and thinking, wow, I can't believe they actually put that in the movie.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Yes, most definately, but I never watched it when it was on...only in re-runs! I remember that episode you are talking about too...It's one of the ones I don't mind watching more than once!

    I also like the episodes with Mulder and Scully the best.
  8. by   Elenaster
    Loved the X-Files! It was always so interesting and creepy, and I always liked the way that Mulder was the only "true believer," constantly antagonized by his superiors' lack of support.

    One of my favorite episodes was the one called "Home" where they had to investigate the freaky inbred family that rolled their mother out from underneath the bed. Scary stuff!