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  1. Does anyone know whatever happened to the home economics major? From what I hear, it used to be a very popular course of study for women. In addition, what types of jobs could an individual with a degree in home economics obtain? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   dianah
    Try a Google, Yahoo or Vivisimo search, using "home economics degree." I found the following link, for starters:


    There WERE a lot of other links (on the first page) that didn't apply (for example, a lot of references to culinary arts degrees, etc).

    Have fun digging deeper! Good question . . . --- D
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Oh, good ol' Home Ec..........memories of that class have been the stuff of nightmares for 35 years!!

    Being something of a tomboy, I wanted to take shop, but girls didn't have that option back in 1970 when I was in seventh grade, so I was stuck. On top of that, the teacher had a way of humiliating you in front of the class when she didn't like the way you did things...........in fact, she is the reason I have never taken to the domestic arts, so to speak. Eventually I became a good cook, and learned to keep house halfway decently, but my heart's never really been in it. And I never learned to sew, even though my mother and grandmother loved it........all because of this one teacher.

    Every spring the school held a mother-daughter tea, complete with fashion show, and of course we were supposed to serve the little foo-foo snacky things we'd made in class, and model the simple shift dresses we'd put together. Trouble was, I couldn't get the hang of sewing, no matter how hard I struggled or how much Mrs. XX yelled at me, and I wound up on the day of the tea wearing two yards of pale pink fabric with no hem and the darts sewed in backwards. Even worse, Mrs. XX made me parade that pathetic, half-finished garment in front of every seventh-grade mother in town.

    Today, of course, I know that 'home ec' is not the curse of the female universe, but even the term still sends shivers down my spine. Sorry.
  5. by   dianah
    Marla, what an AWFUL memory to have, and to have happen, especially during those impressionable years!! (did Mrs. XX ever have children????)

    I was always in awe of our sewing teacher ("and then you pin it in the middle, in the middle, in the middle, till it's all pinned in . . ." " . . that last stitch is going to be so close to the edge, you won't believe it . . "), and one garment she sewed: a beautiful long-sleeved, high-necked beige blouse with lacy overlays around sleeves, collar, and vertically on the blouse itself. I just couldn't believe she made it!

    I enjoy sewing and have even made a few "real" (= lined, buttonholes, underfacing, etc) dress jackets. I really enjoyed creating my kids' Halloween and skit costumes when they were younger (they don't need that now ), too. Nowadays, though, my carpal tunnel flares up if I sew a button on, lol!

    Cook? Taught myself, really, same as you, Marla. I'm no gourmet cook but I do feel free to experiment w/recipes, to adapt them to my own tastes.

    Clean? What's THAT?????
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    "Clean" is a concept that hasn't really ever taken hold, not here in the middle of the Testosterone Universe.:wink2: And especially not since we've had a little tornado named Elijah who whirls through the house like a Tasmanian devil, destroying every neatened shelf, table, or room in his path!!

    He's a smart little guy, though. He'll pick up things he knows he's not supposed to have and actually BRING them to us, like the phone, the fireplace tools, the dog..........:roll
  7. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I remember getting someone to do my sewing project for me, now I regret that. I can't draw, cut or sew a straight line, but i enjoy trying.
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    My daughter got her Bachelor's Degree in "Human Ecology" which is the new politically correct term for Home Economics.

    The fact that that was her major always was and still is hillarious to me. She hates to cook, she hates to clean, she does like sewing but is not good at it. She had a 3.1 GPA. She admits that her BS is truely a BS degree because she bulls****** her way through. She works at a bank as a loan processor. Jobs in Home Ec pay little more than minimum wage. Teaching Home Ec requires a Master's but the pay there isn't good either. I tried to tell her when she was in college but no, of course, she knew better. Now she says "Gee Mom you were so right I should have gotten a business degree". I once mentioned nursing and she almost lost her cookies. She would never have made it. Such a shame.
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  9. by   Roy Fokker
    I can cook, sew and darn my own clothes and maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness around the house.

    A certain sergeant ensured that I learned these "skills" on pain of mroe KP duty...
  10. by   sanctuary
    It was great fun to move the sewing machine pedals around so that the were two or three machines away from home, and listen to the squeals and squeeks when machines started going off when girls wern't ready, and another would not respond. It only worked once a semester. After that, they would always check. Me??? No, I never took home heck. I was proctoring the biology class next door.