Hollywood's threat to healthcare

  1. has anyone seen the preview to "john q" ? this is a new movie that per www.hollywood.com synopsis:
    after collapsing on the baseball field, a young boy is rushed to the hospital only to discover he needs a heart transplant. when the hospital learns that his father's health insurance won't cover the operation, the boy is promptly taken off the donor list. outraged, the boy's father then holds the emergency room hostage until the doctors agree to operate.

    i saw the preview to this movie tonight and was absolutely terrified and astonished. in an already tense environment of healthcare today and the world in general since sept 11. this is the last thing i ever thought we would see in a movie.

    as a rn myself i know that there are stressful times in any of the care units in the hospitals nowdays, and i know that any healthcare worker will agree that this is not something we want displayed to patients' family and friends.

    nurses we are at risk if we let this go as acceptable. many movies have taken the blame for many school shootings will we only wait until it happens on our own unit. ban this movie

    please note date of original thread - nurse ratched 10/11/04
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  3. by   canoehead
    I really don't think the movie should be banned, freedom of speech and ideas is one arguement, of course. But if someone ever thought of using violence in response to a health car crisis they certainly had the idea long before this movie came out...hostage situations and shootings are everywhere.

    I also think that this movie will bring the public attention to what insurance companies can do to deny healthcare or take away options from the very sick. Unfortunately the average Joe doesn't think about the state of healthcare until they are actually sick and unable to make good decisions or fight for their rights.

    Although I don't think the movie's plot was the best one we could have I do think that if the public starts talking about health issues it can only bring good. At my hospital we are already dealing with security risks- I'm not all that concerned about it getting much worse.
  4. by   Mkue
    Denzel Washington is such a good actor, I think he made a huge step in taking this role

    I just hope John Q public takes this movie at face value, as just a movie and not the norm.

    And yes it does bring up some issues about Health Care which is good.
  5. by   dstout-rn
    I have never thought I would say Ban a movie, I believe in freedom of speech and all that goes with it. However, that was written when people actually would take responsibility for their words and actions. They had the right to say and do what they felt was right and if it was against the law they would pay the price. But the last time I checked it was against the law to take people hostage....and unlike Die Hard and those movies I don't think the Dad who takes the hospital hostage will die in the end.

    My point is, The Matrix was blamed when the Columbine school shooting happened because the students who were involved dressed the same way the actors. So are we going to say its just a movie. I would and you would but think about the people who we care for everyday who can not separate reality from make believe and think that is how the REAL world is.

    I just think this was a BAD decision on the movie makers part and I too work in a hospital where violence has occured, but not by the patient group represented in this movie. The violence has been by those intoxicated or on drugs or as happened about two months ago a prisoner was able to grab the gun of one of our guards and get two rounds off before he was he could be restrained, this was in the ER of a Level one Trauma Center.
  6. by   nurs4kids
    When we start banning movies and infringing on the first ammendment rights, we allow terrorist and other criminals to win. Back in the 70's, you never heard a criminal blame his smashing someone over the head on the fact he saw the coyote hit roadrunner over the head with an anvil; why should we censor now? Reform begins with responsibility, not censorship.
  7. by   dstout-rn
    Ok..... Lets not ban maybe thats the wrong word.. How about boycott.
  8. by   nurs4kids
    WHY??? Why do we need to ban/Boycott this movie?????
  9. by   rncountry
    When I was a teenager there was a big thing about how ACDC promoted sex between teens and that was one of the reasons that the teen pregnancy went sky high.
    Personally I think the movie taps into a great public anger over the way insurance companies are allowed to run healthcare instead of the healthcare givers making the decisions that they are trained to make. I doubt seriously that a rash of hostage taking at hospitals will happen related to this movie. School shootings didn't happen because of movies, they happened because their are children that are so bullied that they felt little recourse because the adults around them did nothing to help them, in other cases because a kid was crying out for help but again the adults around them did nothing to help. They then turned to the movies or games that made them feel more powerful as a way not to feel so weak and with such lack of control over their lives. But the movies and video games did not make them do it. I am fundamentally opposed to overty violent video games as well as movies, yet I wish we could also think how very violent life itself can be. When people behaved like this 150 years ago how did it get explained then?
    Denzel Washington is an excellant actor and I plan on seeing this movie. I will likely cheer for the his character too.
    Boycott the movie if you like, but I would wager there are many nurses who understand the characters anger perfectly.
  10. by   live4today
    Denzel Washington's movie is NOT the first movie of this nature. I can't recall the title of the movie, but it was a movie made for television where an actor by the name of Andy Garcia had a small son who needed a kidney, and a prisoner was the only one who could save the boys life, so the boy's father demanded that prisoner give his son the kidney, the prisoner was brought to the hospital but escaped inside the hospital and the movie played out almost until the end with father searching for prisoner, prisoner trying to kill people. blah, blah, blah. No one protested that movie, so why now?????
  11. by   tiger
    nurse williams , was michael keaton in that movie? i too will see denzels movie and i'm sure enjoy it.
  12. by   BeachNurse
    I saw this movie and I thought it was very good. Very emotional--bring a box of tissues. My son had a liver transplant so a lot of the story really hit home.

    The movie made a strong statement with regard to the inequality of health care service availablility. It basically slams HMO's and people who make "too much money" for medicaid but cannot get adequate coverage thru their insurance for catestrophic illness. I enjoyed the movie...Denzel's character was not violent in the movie.
  13. by   Nittlebug
    Sorry - Gotta defend Hollywood. I love movies that portray a big peice of reality. REALITY is that LIFE ISN'T FAIR. How people choose to deal or not deal with it is what makes a great movie. And it wouldn't surprise me if someone walked in to a big medical insurance company some day and shot the place up. People pay out the $#% for med. ins. and they get sick, they still get screwed.
  14. by   eldernurse
    As an ER (adult) nurse with a son who does children's ER, I worry that the next step will be someone bringing a gun to the ER so we see their sick one next. Believe me, one man's sore throat is worse than another man's cardiac arrest, in some people's minds.

    However, I am absolutely against sensoring. Boycott maybe, except that it just makes more people want to see it.

    Just remember. The movie that may outrage us, touches the hearts of some and makes others do crazy things will soon fade into the million movie oblivion.