Holiday Work Schedules?

  1. Just curious about how other work places deal with holiday scheduling of nurses. At my work they had a sign up sheet for all nurses to put down what they wanted to work. With the understanding that you choose 2 out of the 5 holidays (or more if you really want the extra money). The 5 holidays are: Thanksgiving, X-mas Eve, X-mas, News Years Eve, and New Years day. I got exactly what I asked for (the holiday schedule has been posted). I have Thanksgiving (I work the day before and the day after), Christmas (I work the day before and the day after), New Years Eve and News Years off. I get about 6 days in a row at News Years, so my husband and I will probably be going away (Ashville, NC!). We get time and a half on holidays and can opt to use a vacation day to get 2 and half times base pay on the holiday(s) you work. How is it at other places?

    Julie M., RN
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Here in our unit, we only have to work one of the three holidays, and the others are optional. You rotate through the holidays year by year. I.E. if you worked thanksgiving this year, you would work christmas next year.

    The holiday by definition includes working the eve of and the day of, for nights, and only the day of for days. Only hours worked in the 24 hours of the day are payed time and a half.

    this year, I work new years.
  4. by   debbyed
    Thanksgiving you work every other year.

    Christmas eve, christmas day, new years eve, new years day work 2 out of 4, What ever you didn't work last year.

    New employee's can put in their choice but can be scheduled as needed (for the good of the unit.

    You can trade days ie: I don't have small children so I usually always work the 2 christmas holidays with New years off so that someone with children can have christmas off.
  5. by   thisnurse
    deb..i have to tell you ...that is SOOOOO nice of you.
    we have winter and summer holidays. you have to work two of the three. the newbies, like myself, are last on the list so we get whatever is left over. we get time and a half plus an extra day off with pay during the year. you can save these up. i dont care that much about working holidays. ive asked for christmas off...i do have kids...but i know i wont be getting that. maybe next year.
  6. by   galenight
    At my small facility we work every other holiday (and every other weekend). Our holidays are New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have New years day off or Christmas day off, you have to work the Eve. At my facility they do not grant vacations to anyone regardless of their holiday to work between December 20th and January 5th. What has been so bad for me lately is that I had to work Memorial Day, and Labor Day and those were also my weekends on.. so the other afternoon RN in ER got 3 day weekends for her holiday. and the way it works for the next few years, is that the holiday will always fall on my weekend. oh well.

    Someone's gotta do it right? lol