Holiday traditions?

  1. I don't know if anyone has started a thread like this and I apologize if they have (mods feel free to merge this with that one if there is) but do you and your family have any traditions that HAVE to be followed or members of the family get upset?

    In my family we have traditions that the hubby and I have carried over from our growing up and we have added our own that we are sure our daughters will carry to when they are out on their own with their own families.

    For example:
    My MIL ALWAYS gives each one of her grandchildren (6 in total now) a new Christmas tree ornement. It always has something to do with what the grandchild's intrest is for that past year. And now the hubby and I get our girls a special ornement and always make sure its personalized since my daughters names are never found on anything. One name is very unique the other is a somewhat common name but the way we chose to spell it is the less common way.

    We ALWAYS have to have a glass of orange juice before anyone unwraps anything. (that came from my upbringing)

    The Night Before Christmas is read to each daughter before she goes to bed. We weren't going to do it last year with the older one last year and she got irrate! We figured she didn't want us to anymore since she was getting older. She told us she wanted us to read it every matter how old she was...awww.

    Christmas Eve is spent with the hubby's favorite Aunt and that side of the family. No matter what.

    The girls and I all get matching pajamas to wear for Christmas Eve. And my older one looks forward to the new 'jammies.

    Certain ornements HAVE to be in certain places on the tree.

    We wrap the gifts on Christmas Eve. This posed a problem 6 yrs ago when I delivered little one 2 days before Christmas and didn't get discharged until Christmas morning. heehee.

    There are others that escape me right now. But how about you? anything you HAVE to do to keep the harmony in the family
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Not really; I know my sister would be mad that my dad isn't putting the luminaria out this Christmas Eve, but she won't be here 'til Christmas Day so she won't even know. Apparently finding the right size candles was difficult this year and high winds are expected tonight.

    We usually go to church on Christmas Eve, although my sister and her family won't be there this time. Most of the time we go to someone's house Christmas Day, which we're doing this year, although we haven't always done that. I think we've always done Christmas stockings.

    But I don't think we have anything we HAVE to do for Christmas.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    Maybe I worded it wrong. Maybe not so much HAVE to do, but WANT to do, or is expected. I know that I would be blown away if my MIL didn't get my girls their ornements, and my kids would be disappointed.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Although my family live many miles away and I don't have any children I do like to get a new ornament for my tree every year.
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    my younger dtr watches 'its a wonderful life while she does Christmas eve stuff
    i try and get the little ones to eat something bbefore all the junk food can make them sick
    most of our traditions are the common ones, tree, presents, family coming in, good food shared..we have family that doesn't agree on a lot of things but we don't get into the loud arguments that i have heard of from other people..why they would want to ruin a beautiful day for others esp the children is beyond me
  7. by   luvschoolnursing
    we had some longstanding traditions but after dh mom passed away and my dad passed away, things weren't "the same".
    now we are less rigid about whose house we go to on what day, etc. we still go to church every christmas eve, we read from the book of luke about christ's birth, we still put out cookies and milk for santa-even though both kids are teenagers!-and we could never get through christmas morning without pilsbury orange danishes!!

    merry christmas to all my all nurses friends!! and god bless us, everyone!!
  8. by   akcarmean
    Going out on Christmas Eve and looking at the Christmas lights on houses. Which we are getting ready to do right now.

  9. by   sirI
    Dh and I started a tradition a few years back. We have a scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve. He creates clues in the form of poems. Each child (and, this year, the grands) has to read a clue and then go hunt for the next clue and on and on until they find the prize. This year, he had to write 8 poems!!!!

    We put up the Dickens Village every year and it stays up for a couple of months. We now have about 150 buildings and no-telling how many little villagers and animals. He carves mountains out of styrofoam and places "snow" in the village. And, yes, it is complete with a full train track, train, tunnels, water falls with "ice" and a frozen pond where the skaters have fun.

    I read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke every Christmas Eve. I also read the Night Before Christmas from a book that was given to me at age 9; from my grandfather.

    We place cookies and milk for Santa and he makes a mess coming down the chimney, leaving soot and ashes on the hearth.

    On Christmas morning, everyone gets up and finds their presents neatly placed just for them in the same place it was the year before and their stockings full of goodies; they've all learned to expect that paper money stuffed in the toe of the stockings. LOL!!!

    My favorite holiday.
  10. by   CT Pixie
    Ahh how could I forget that the girls each have THEIR side of the tree and a certain side for their stockings.

    The older one has her gifts to the right of the tree, the little one to the right, and the hubby, mine and the doggies gifts *yes, Santa brings the fur faces presents too* are in the center. The older ones stocking has to be on the left, the little one on the right and again mine, the hubbys and the doggies stockings in the middle.

    And my older daughter and I put on the channel that plays A Christmas Story for 24 hours.
  11. by   Chaya
    We broke tradition this year and opened presents Christmas Eve (tonight) instead of Christmas morning as I have a 7A-7P shift Christmas day.(First time I've had to be in before 3P).
    Candy from our stocking BEFORE breakfast is ok-on Christmas morning only. Then we (usually, but not this year!) have coffee and homemade Amaretto coffee cake.
    And the Muppets/ John Denver albums is playing when we trim the tree/ open presents. Also, for many years I gave DD one special ornament every year to keep when she has her own home. Sigh- looks like this year I will be packing these up separately as it looks like she'll have her own apartment this time next year...
  12. by   UM Review RN
    I used to make a braided bread for Christmas every year. Looked like this:

    Each year, Santa would leave a gift for the "house" -- usually a box of Whitman or Russell Stover chocolates. We'd pass it around as we opened gifts.

    I started a tradition a few years ago that everyone has to get their picture taken in the Santa hat. OMG, they're hilarious and some of my very favorite pictures, because everyone tries to look as goofy as possible.

    We send each other food gifts from catalog companies like Hickory Farms every year. I swear if DH didn't get his Smoked Ham and Baby Bel cheese at Christmas, he'd think my mom was mad at him.

    Mom told me that a few people sent her Omaha steaks, filet mignon. We talked on the phone today and she reminded me how Stepdad (who passed away this year) always loved filet mignon for Christmas dinner. So she'll have that this year, she said.
  13. by   akcarmean
    The Christmas lights were beautiful even here in the desert. I almost forgot ever since dh and I have been together we get and ornament every year. Then when the kids came we started for them. Once they have a family of their own their own ornaments will go to them for their own tree and hopefully to continue the tradition.

  14. by   Justhere
    We usually make cookies and Santa has his own plate for his cookies and cup to put his milk in. My husband did the cookies this year, he thought he had bought sugar cookies, but instead he bought ginger bread. He was so disappointed, because this year he is Santa since I'm at work and he'll have to eat the cookies leave and leave the crumbs on the plate. Knowing him, he will make some crumbs and throw the cookies in the trash. Because he tried one right after they cooked them and put the icing on and he only took two bites and threw it away, and when I was leaving the cookies were still on the cookie sheet. I told him he needed to put them up, and he said "I'm not worried about them things." I told him the kids might like them so he needed to put them up, will see if it happened when I get back from work.