Holiday Family Traditions

  1. What special, if any, family traditions do you have for the holidays?
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    My mother and I cover all of the baking for several "branches" of the family. I'm not talking meals here, I'm talking pure junk/sugar/chocolate/sweets! We get together days before and start. Ya know, hot cocoa, xmas music, all that good cheesy stuff!

    I can't wait!

  4. by   cindyln
    [b]since i end up working either thanksgiving or christmas we usually end up eating one of the meals at the hospital.the other nurse that works with me,we get together and bring in food and our families come and eat with us.last thanksgiving my son even bought in a duck he has shot that morning hunting and that he had roasted.that was a first for him and was really tasty.
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    Well, I can't do this one unfortunately, because my husband and I haven't any children (although he can be a big baby sometimes, does that count?)....but! I thought I'd throw this out to you- maybe one of you can use it. My parents were ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS huge on making family traditions, and this one just stuck with me as a really special memory. When my brother and I were little, of course we believed in Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, my parents ALWAYS took us out in the car to drive around and see Christmas lights. We'd listen to the radio, which by then was playing non-stop carols, and we'd just drive around and look at the pretty lights for a couple of hours. As we were preparing to leave, my father would start to usher us out to the car, and my mom just seemed to ALWAYS need to go to the bathroom before we left!!! We would be super-excited, and ready to go out, and she would spend what seemed like HOURS in the bathroom!! Finally, she'd emerge from the house, and we'd jump in the car and take off. When we finally returned home, we walked into the living room and saw that SANTA HAD BEEN THERE! Where there were no presents, there now were STACKS OF THEM!! OHMIGOD! ;>) I wasn't told the secret until I was about eight or so, when I knew in my heart that Santa wasn't real (well, technically...but I've reverted to my original thinking as an adult! He's real! He's real!). Ahem. Anyway. My mom finally admitted that when my dad would herd us into the car, she would run frantically upstairs and bring down our presents and arrange them at the tree. She'd fill our stockings and even take a bite out of the cookies and a drink of milk before she came out to the car. And I always thought she was grinning because she loved seeing the lights as much as I did! Anyway...thought it was fun, and always swore I would do it for my kids too. Seeing as we don't have any (yet!), maybe some of you guys can use the idea. ;>)
  6. by   Jenny P
    My kids still talk about the time we went for a walk around the block to look at lights and when we came back to our house, Santa had been there and left his footprints in the snow on the roof!!! We were very poor that year, and I'd agreed to work extra Christmas night (for the bonus, to pay a few bills); and so we had Christmas Eve dinner with my husbands Aunts, then went for the walk, and Santa had been there and left the gifts under the tree (it wasn't much, but the kids were SO excited after seeing his footprints!). So we opened gifts, had our traditional oyster soup, and put the kids to bed and I went to work. I still don't know how the footprints happened, neither my husband or I did that; but the kids have never forgotten that. I'm sure they don't even remember the gifts they did get, but those footprints are something that will last forever.

    And who said miracles don't happen?
  7. by   Furball
    When we sing "Happy birthday" we always say "one more time!" So we sing it twice. I don't know why.......maybe because the family dogs would join in when we were kids howling along.....
  8. by   ucavalpn
    We always put real candy canes on the tree. My daughter would sneak them off to eat . You can tell how much she grew each year by looking at our christmas pictures. By Christmas morning they would all be gone as far up as she could reach .
  9. by   CashewLPN
    well... we have a tradition... On x-mas eve we go to my grandma's house in bensonhurst...
    All the grandkids sit up on the bottom step of her house (all 8 of us... hehehe) ...
    then, somebody, usually an uncle takes a pic of us...
    We've been doing it since we were little....
    and, now, you can see the difference... the first pic we took like that, I had shag hair, torn jeans and my cousin was a little baby... now, she's a 'big girl' of about 7 I think...

    Also, the week before xmas, we make cookies.... my faves are crustikis(sp?) and biscotti Regina...and steaming bowls of paella and turkey... (big italian/polish/spanish family)

  10. by   Zee_RN
    Oh, the Advent Calendar is a big tradition in our house. It goes up on December 1. My girls have an established order of who puts the decorations on (since there are three of them) on which days. They never vary it from year to year!

    Christmas Photo! The weekend after Thanksgiving we take about a zillion photos of the girls, select the best one and have it made into photo cards for Christmas mailing. The girls are dressed in identical outfits for this photo (people who don't see them except for this photo want to see them looking like triplets; they're fine with this too--it's tradition!). (By the way, good settings for Christmas photos are at the mall--one of our best photos was at a kiosk selling stuffed animals; no one was attending it and my girls each picked up a stuffed animal, we tucked the tags under their arms and snapped the picture as they hugged the animals--with a whole rack of stuffed animals behind them. Really cute!!)

    On Christmas Eve, they open one present and are properly amazed at their new night gowns/pajamas every year! So now they look nice for those Christmas morning photos in their new PJs .

    And of course Church and then Dinner at Baba's house...ah, can't wait!