Holby City

  1. does anyone else here watch holby city the episode on 19th may 2009 seeing other people where senior house officer Maddy Young was stabbed by her twin siter Hannah's ex cell mate Chantelle she was really good at acting Maddy the way she reacted to been stabbed and the facial expressions where really good the next episode called just a perfect day on 26th may 2009 was confusing to me but I got their in the end the episode was all what Maddy was living out in her head while she lay dying this was what Maddy hoped would happen if she lived sadly she didn't this whole episode was Maddys perfect day getting on with everyone Dan coming back and getting the keller fellowship job it was sad at the end. The next episode which was what will survive of us aired on 2nd june 2009 which was the aftermath of Maddys stabbing and death and also it was Maddy's mermorial the song played at the start this womans work by kate bush fitted in well with what Maria was probably thinking if you have heard the song and you watch Holby city you will know what I am talking about Maria was blaming herself for Maddy's death and she managed to write a speech for Maddy's mermorial but broke down halfway through but donna finished it also Maria was made to clean out Maddy's locker this was really hard for Maria seeing pictures of herself and maddy and Donna together and all Maddy's things brought memories back. Maddy was a real good character and she will be missed on the show by Holby Fans and finally what do Holby city watchers think of Jayne grayson's
    choice of taking Rics director of surgery post of him and reopening for other people much to connie's delight Ric is being blamed for Maddy's death so much for his so called zero tolerance policy. and what do you holby fans think of new Senior house officers Penny and oliver Valentine I think they are great Penny has put Ric down a peg or two now Jayne Grayson has finally seen him for what he is. my favourite characters where Maddy Young and Tom O Dowd and my favourite characters now are Faye, Jac, Penny, Oliver, Maria, Connie, Donna, Joseph, Daisha and Chrissie