Hockey ruleS!

  1. Anyone else see the game?

    I say WooHoo for Canada!!! And the American team played really well and showed a lot of class. I am so glad I got up to watch the game!
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  3. by   Mkue
    I missed the game today WHO won? Canada? I watched the USA/Germany game it was exciting, I LOVE HOCKEY
  4. by   fergus51
    Canada won 5-2. It was a really close game until near the end of the third period though.
  5. by   kaycee
    Congratulation to Canada. They played like they wanted it more then team USA. Good exciting hockey, wish the NHL was as exciting all the time. Even though I was rooting for team USA, I'm glad it was Canada and not someone else that won. I'm happy for Mario, he finally got his gold. Just hope he can jump start the Penguins when he gets back.
  6. by   Paprikat
    I am so happy for Canada. I was in downtown Vancouver today, what an awesome vibe there. Tonnes of people, all waving the flag, wearing white and red, very positive attitides...I was wondering what would have happened if we lost. When we lost in game 7 in 1995 or 6, I forget the year, major riots happened downtown...!
  7. by   leesonlpn
    I couldn't believe it has been 50 years since Canada had a gold in hockey. It is one of our national sports isn't it? What impressed me most was what a clean game. No smashing's or fights or bloodshed. I took my 17 year old son out of hockey after 10 years of playing because it just got too ugly. Parents were fighting with parents. The game was played very gentlemanly and in good sportsmanship. If only all NHL games were played to this calibre, I might start watching again. (But NOT Don Cherry)
  8. by   fergus51
    Don Cherry is a bit strange. They interviewed him after the game and he was as humble as ever....
  9. by   canoehead
    Yeah for us!!!! And what a great way to finish off the Olympics!

    We, all of us, are super-douper great fantabulous!!!
  10. by   prn nurse
    any country, I am happy it was yours. I have met a hundred Canadian nurses, and they are all so cool, and love their country. I like those characters from Newfoundland and places further north and east. Congrats again. and what is this about Mario....are you talking abount Lemeux? I just finished 5 in a row and havent seen anything...if the u.s. lost, how did mario get a gold?
  11. by   fergus51
    Thanks prn that's nice to say. Mario Lemieux is a Canadian, that's how he got gold. I really enjoyed the game because I believe that the two teams have the best players in the world. I certainly hope the Olympic commitee and the NHL can work things out so that the NHL players are in the next Olympics as well. It was so neat to see, and I like the fact that teammates (like Lemieux and Jagr) can play eachother in the Olympics and the sportsmanship and friendlyness is still there.
  12. by   prn nurse
    I must have been sleep-deprived. I thought Lemeux was from Pittsburgh. They had a great color pic in our newspaper here...of Mario.
  13. by   semstr
    Watched the game at, o I don't know middle of the night, yours were the best!!
    But I know, since the best ice-hockeyplayers "we" call ours, are the "Austro-canadians"

    Hey< ,but Austria won 16 medals, not bad is it!!
    Holland won another 8!!
    Together "my" countries have 20 million people!!

    Take care and keep on the good games, Renee
  14. by   Brian
    FYI, I just moved this thread to the off topic area, Congrats to Canada! It's nice to see two North America Teams get silver and Gold