High school reunions

  1. do you or have you attended any of them and if not, why?
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  3. by   Ted
    The one and only high school reunion I attended was the 20th a few years ago. It was cool sitting with all the "former" high school jocks! All of them, except one, were over weight and balding!

    (Yep! I was the one who was usually picked last in gym for any sport. . . . )

    But I hold no grudges. . . . .

  4. by   adrienurse
    10 year anniversary is coming up. Can't say that highschool was a particular bright point in my life. Just something I had to sit through in order to become a nurse and get on with my life. Can't see myself going to the reunion.
  5. by   oh-agnurse
    I went to my tenth a few years ago, and actually had a good time. Out of a class of about a 100 only 14 showed up, and it was those who were either in a clique(?) or kind of bullies. By the way this was an all girl school. It was amazing how much those people changed, and how interesting they were. I'll go to my 20th.
  6. by   studentOH
    My small circle of friends are planning a vacation for our reunion...can't see spending many to hang out in my nasty hometown *lol*.

  7. by   Beach_RN
    I attended my 10th six years ago... had a very good time! Naturally I starved myself for 30 days before,had to get rid of those extra LBS...... Will me attending my husband's 25th....next year... and definetely plan on attending my 20th
  8. by   Mkue
    my 25th is this year i think, but i probably won't go, i see some friends from time to time and my best girlfriend from high school is my beautician and i see her every 6-8 weeks.

    i like it when we do the information thing where you can read what everyone is doing and where they live,, that's the most interesting to me.

    i try to picture that person doing the job that they are doing now.. it's fun.

    everyone who is going to a reunion "have a good time"
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Geez, my 20th will be next year. I graduated from an all girls school. Most of us have kept in touch through the years. I plan on going.
    You'd better have lunch with me at Jing Chuan while you're here!

  11. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    You'd better have lunch with me at Jing Chuan while you're here!

    You KNOW I would not DARE leave without doing that!! :chuckle
  12. by   Lausana
    WEEELLL, since my graduating class was 17...I pretty much know the skinny on everyone like it or not We were all pretty tight, but during the past year or so we haven't all gotten together as much. There are a few of the group I could care less about seeing though...kind of like having 17 siblings

    It will be fun to have reunions...to see if class member "X" finally gets another job and moves out of his parents basement..2 yrs and counting...:chuckle I love those guys!
  13. by   researchrabbit
    High school was NOT the high point of my existence...however, I have yet to miss a reunion. They've been fun, seeing how people change over time, their successes, failures and life changes. The first one, at 10 years, everyone wanted to impress (very artificial atmosphere). At 15, it was more of a party atmosphere. 20 and 25 were wonderful; almost everyone had given up trying to impress anyone or hide anything and it was nice to see how many had grown up into people I like and admire.
  14. by   Stargazer
    I had a great time at my 10th--like B_Matt, I worked out like a dog for a month afterward, then panicked because I had nothing to wear and went out shopping the day of the reunion and bought a slinky new dress! it was worth it, though--I had people coming up to me going, "Wow, we didn't even recognize you!" I also found that a lot of the people who had been the most obnoxious to me in high school were now leading very boring lives in the same small town and the years hadn't been kind to them. Living well IS the best revenge.

    My 20th is next year and I'm planning on going--I've already started working out.