1. Hi everyone..

    I am new to BB. Ok very new this is like my second post I am an RN in Perth Austalia and fingers crossed may get the opportunity to get to the USA sometime next year and would love to work over there. I finished my training in 9/93 ( one of the last hospital trained RN's) and at the moment work all over the local hospital, I started there on surgical and they lent me to medical for six weeks and that was back in Feb 2000, I am now on loan to paed unit, have no idea when I will make it back to medical, I am about to ask if they will let me go to ED ( I think that is the same as ER) . It is funny looking at the posts trying to work out what all the letters mean and what the Aussie equivilant is. Well I am sure I have rambled enough.
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  3. by   duckie
    Welcome Alara! Glad to have you. On this BB you'll find lots of super great nurses from all over the world. The nurses on this board are very supportive and very willing to give great advice. I have also found it a great place to learn so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and start reading, you never know what you'll learn. God Bless and hope you have a great sunshiney day!
  4. by   CEN35
    Al sorry I missed this post until now, it slipped by. However, I think you met me in ICQ chat, with Susy (Susy K), Kell-Bell (Kaknurse), and a few others. Glad you like it here, and hope it all works out!
  5. by   neonnurse2
    Welcome aboard Alara! This is a fun web site that I access on a daily basis. I'm also a hospital trained RN, were called diploma nurses. What is "paed"? Goodluck making it to the States. We are trying to plan a convention possiblly in Oct.2002 maybe in Las Vegas. That would be the perfect time for you to come! See you o the BB
  6. by   hoolahan
    G'Day Mate! Welcome. I would love to visit Australia, but the airfare alone for 4 people, whew.... no can do!

    Please post often.

    PS Neon, I think they spell peds differently, paediatrics, so I think paed = peds.
  7. by   mustangsheba
    Welcome, Alara. People from all over the world come to this board. It's fascinating. And, I'm afraid, addictive as well. See you!