1. ok... hows yas all doin?
    I've a question..

    what would a pain from about 3 inches below and to the outside of ones elbow directly to ones pinky mean? The fingers are chilly... the pain is not hideous, but present, maybe a 2-3...

    any ideas?

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  3. by   JennieBSN
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  4. by   kaycee
    Any trauma to that area?
    If not, maybe tendonitis. Usually requires moist heat,rest of affected extremity and NSAIDS.
    Usually doesn't cause chilly fingers though.
    Call your Doc if it persists.
    Good luck.

  5. by   kewlnurse
    Could be the beginning of carpel tunnel, a pinched cerical nerve or herniated cervical disk, could be a pinched nerve in your shoulder or possible a slighly torn rotator cuff. possibly a dvt but i serously doubt it.