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  2. Is anyone registering for the 2003 HGTV dream home give away?
    If not got to and take the virtual tour.
    If so if you win will you keep the house or sell it?
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  4. by   Mkue
    OMG, my husband would love to have a place like that ! wonder what the property taxes are.. thanks andrewgranny, I'm going to register.
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    I don't like it.... too busy, too many roofs (rooves???)

    I don't know what this thing is that Floridians have with ROOFs. Nothing wrong with a flat roof, traditional style home, IMHO.

    Plus, this one's way too close to the water. Flood insurance costs would kill ya. Hubs thinks I'm a wet blanket, but he'd be fine with selling if I let him keep the truck and the boat....
  6. by   andrewsgranny
    After you register, go to the bb and read all the questions and answers about taxes and etc. There is one place where last yrs, winner Milton O'bryant (I think thats right) tells everything that happend last year. And how to deal with taxes. He actually sold his right away. And after he paid everything, he still walked away with $700,000.00 and a new car. Oh did I forget to mention the new SUV and Boat you win too?
  7. by   emily_mom
    I wasn't at all impressed with the house. I didn't like the layout or the decorating (well, some of it). Of course I registered for it, but I wouldn't live there. It's way too close to the water (on the show I think they said it was 13 feet above sea level). I would keep the boat and sell the rest (maybe keep some of the furnishings). I would use the money to build MY dream home...

  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    $700,000?? wow!!

    thanks for the link, andrewsgranny!
  9. by   andrewsgranny
    Yea, I would sell too. The man that won last year said that it wasnt hard selling this house, since HGTV had done all the advertising on the show. But I would sell and build my own dream home. The house isnt really that big. But I do love it. And its fun to DREAM.:kiss
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i would sell to re-build for my taste of a dream house.

    thanks for the site.
  11. by   2ndCareerRN
    I would sell that house so fast the ink wouldn't be dry on the deed.

    And then, build a house out in the woods north of where I live now.

  12. by   colleen10
    I saw the TV show where they showed it being built and decorated from beginning to end.

    I didn't think the decorating was all that terrific, but still nicer than the stuff I have in my house. I did like the landscaping and it being close to the water, although that is a double edged sword. I thought the bath tub that is outside was cool. I don't think I would take a bath in it buck naked, but if you had little kids it would probably be nice to just toss them in the tub outside if they got into some mud or dirt, as kids are oft to do.

    I registered for it anyway, what the heck! If I did ever win I would probably have to sell it as I am not independently wealthy. I might keep some of the furnings though, oh and definately the car and boat!
  13. by   kristi915
    The only thing I really love about that house is the master bathroom, and that shower!!!!!!!!

    I want a shower like that!!
  14. by   Stargazer
    As much as I'd love a waterfront home, this wouldn't be it. Many of the rooms were too narrow, like the greatroom and that L-shaped kids' bedroom. Really didn't care for most of the decor--what was with the STARK WHITE WALLS everywhere? And the office was busy, busy, busy--I'd never be able to concentrate in there.

    Yeah, I'd sell the house and car and buy something here in Seattle. Might keep the boat though.
  15. by   Lausana
    It's not a very big house-3 bedrooms and a great room area, just masked with lots of halls and windows (actually I'm guestimating that-I didn't see square footage) would be a nice vacation spot for family, but not practical for everyday living...unless maybe you didn't have kids.

    But that aside, I did like the kitchen's brightness...and I like blue I did enter, I'm all for free things! The free vehicle would be enough to make my lifetime