1. What do you think of those lurid headlines about the girl that got murdered in Korea. Even while they were blasting the details of the confession all over news I was thinking, "what are they doing, that girl is not here to take lie detector test or tell her side of the story, this will kill her parents." Does it seem to you that the headlines are getting more and more sensational. I have decided not to put on the news till 10 minutes after it starts because that is when they do all the tabloid garbage. If it story isn't about the the 10 year old boy that was murdered and mutilated it is the one about the person with the sex change operation that castrated their spouse x 2. Am I just getting old or are the local news headlines getting more tabloid everyday? I used to be shocked by the descriptions of crimes that James Ellroy put in his novels. Now it is right in my face every day on the news. What do people with kids do about explaining that stuff? Is the news a no, no at your house?:imbar
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Oh, Lordy. Some of the more graphic stuff I do shield from kids. BUT...if there is a lesson to be learned, I have to admit I tell them. If I can scare them away from things like giving out their names or personal info on the internet, I will. If I can scare them out of snorting that first line of cocaine, I will.

    However, I don't want to give them nightmares (interferes with MY sleep, ya know). There is a delicate balance between what I think they need to know to stay safe and too much information where they will be scared of everything!

    But you're so right. Our local news is getting very tabloidy. When I do watch the news (I mostly surf the net for news), it's Channel 11. They have the best Westmoreland County coverage.