Hey vegetarians/vegans

  1. It was just me, my husband, and son on Christmas yesterday, so we decided to try the Tofurky. I thought it was pretty good, actually. So was the gravy. We did not care for the drummettes that came with it though--too dry and bland. We also had mashed potatoes (made with soymilk, of course) and baby carrots with dill. It was a delicious meal. If you celebrated, what did you fellow vegs do for your holiday meals?
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  3. by   renerian
    Fresh vegies, bean dishes, cheeses, fresh breads, deviled eggs and I guess that sums up the meal. Lots of cookies too. I am a lacto-ova vegetarian. Tried to give up dairy and eggs but had problems with anemia. This was a compromise.

  4. by   BellaTerra2002
    I can't eat wheat, and I can't have dairy (except for eggs). I eat approx. 3 oz. of organic beef, chicken, or fish a day. Is that healthy enough? If I couldn't eat meat, all I'd be able to have is rice, vegs, fruit and eggs!
  5. by   Hidi74
    My brother and sister in-law are vegan. We had italian for dinner so we made them a HUGE lasngna w/ tofu, TVP, eggplant,squash,zuccini,vegan mozzerella, and basil tomato sauce. A huge salad w/every veggi imaginable and vegan garlic bread spread w/ olive and chili oil, freshgarlic, parsley and vegan parmesan.MMMMMMMMM. I think I might have to eat more like this since I was diagnosed today w/ high cholesterol at 28 yrs of age.......Scary huh!
  6. by   Tweety
    I had tofurkey a couple of years ago at work. My assessment was about the same, loved the gravy, didn't care too much for the drumettes either.

    The other one I hear to try is called Unturkey.

    Funny, after one year of being off the veggie lifestyle I just now started back on the ovo-lacto veggie diet, but primarily vegan eating.
  7. by   renerian
    Everything sounds so good. I still cook meat for my family.My dtr just converted to a vegetarian so we are still out numbered.

  8. by   adrienurse
    I had a vegitarian (standard vegitarian, that is) Christmas last year because my vegitarian Aunt was in town. I call myself a semi-vegitarian, and am already lactose intollerant. It was pretty good. We didn't do the soy thing, but had a lot of seafood (well, as much seafood as you can get living in the middle of the praries). Seviche (?sp) was good. This year we had gaspacho (?sp) with our turkey.
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Well, I think the buffet at the Rio is way overpriced. All of the Station casino buffets are great and the Fiesta out on Rancho has the best BBQ buffet in the city. You get your choice of beef, pork or lamb ribs and they have a big vat of barbeque sauce next to the pot of baked beans. Good eatin'!

    Oh, you meant vegan as in vegeterian, not Las Vegan?

    Never mind..
  10. by   baseline
    I have friends who are vegetarians, and I respect the choice....but Im with Vegas at the buffet!