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  1. I am contemplating a move to the HUDSONVILLE OR JENNISON area of MICHIGAN.
    Can anyone recommend hospitals/facilities that are either worth looking into..or even warn me about places to avoid???? Thanks so much. I am most interested in working at an adequately staffed facility. And benefits such as tuition reimbursement are important to me right now.
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  3. by   rncountry
    Let's see, Hudsonville is between Grand Rapids and Holland. I am an hour south of Grand Rapids. In that area there is Spectrum Healthcare that is two major hospitals in the Grand Rapids area that merged a couple years ago. Butterworth and Blodgett is what they used to be called. When the merger took place they let many nurses go and are now reaping the benefits of that. In other words they need nurses. I have a friend who has done some agency time with this company, says they are ok, staffing is much like it is other places in terms of regular staff, however they do put agency in frequently. Enough so that some are just like regular staff, at least this is what my friend says. Devos Childrens hospital is new, state of the art and supposed to be very good at what they do. Not sure what their staffing is like, but hear no rumbles either. St. Marys is also in Grand Rapids, they tried to unionize a couple years ago, but were unsuccessful. Still some ill feelings and morale problems over this I understand. Metropolitian is the smallest of the hospitals in Grand Rapids, my Aunt works there as the head of dialysis. She has been there many years, and was fully supported a couple years ago when she went through a very difficult illness. I am not familiar with specifics of the nursing homes in the area, but be cautious with HCR/Manorcare, Tendercare and the Laurels. All are corporate owned and reputations are poor. I am too far away from Holland to be able to tell you anything about the area there, though I can tell you that Holland has a great Tulip Festival in May, it is a beautiful area. Hudsonville is a nice area too. Smaller, but within easy access to GR where there is good shopping, cultural activties etc... if you get a chance go to the Meijer Gardens. It is lovely. The whole Hudsonville, Jennison, Grand Rapids and Holland area is very Dutch in character, and background culture. I think it is an area that you will enjoy. Close enough to Lake Michigan that it can be enjoyed regularly. Though the lake effect snow can be daunting at times. Once you get to Grand Rapids and north a 4 wheel drive vehicle is a good thing to have. Besides the drive for me this is the biggest reason I don't work in GR myself. Otherwise I might brave it because they have a good neuro ICU unit at Spectrum. If I were you looking I would look to Spectrum first. Devos Childrens hospital second, if peds is something you like. There are plenty of jobs in GR. Best thing to do is call a nurse recruiter there and find out what benefits each hospital offers. Interview them as much as they interview you.
    Just curious what makes you contemplate a move to this area? I don't mean it's bad, it is not. If I were to move inside Michigan this area is one that I would look to, or the Traverse City area. Though housing is expensive in Traverse City. The area is beautiful, and for me being closer to Grand Rapids to take advantage of what the city has to offer would be nice. Just also be aware that like I said Grand Rapids is growing quickly and roads have not kept pace. The traffic can get backed up pretty good. If you want to know more and get a bit of a view to the area, go to www.woodtv8.com it has a lakeshore link and news from the area that you are looking at. As well as healthspots, things of interest etc...
    Hope I helped you a bit. Good luck!
  4. by   rncountry
    oops, that is www.woodtv.com
    Sorry, the other will bring you to something else.
  5. by   missespresley
    Hey to rncountry!! Thank you so very much for all that info!!!!! I appreciate it. I am currently checking out an agency called HEALTH PARTNERS, INC. who say they have an office in Grand Rapids and will send me to facilities in the surrounding area.
    As to why I am chosing MI.. well, I have a sister and her family out there. Her husband grew up in that area. I am from a small town in northern NY which is becoming more economically depressed by the week! I am ready for a change. I visited my sis last November and really enjoyed what I saw of the area. It was sort of like country mouse comes to visit city mouse! Anyhow.. I also want a LOT more experience than what I have recieved at my 23 bed hospital! As far as the lake effect snow.. not a problem. I have been driving in this "north country" all of my driving life!
    Again.. thanks so much! You have been a great help!