Hey Mario

  1. What are you doing inside on such a beautiful day?

    I at least have an excuse, I am still working on my first cup of coffee.

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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Unfortunately, I can not begin to understand that dividing by 2 is just like multiplying by 1/2. In addition, the concept of "initial condition" requires me to sit at a desk on Saturday, a beautiful Saturday now that you mention it. Nancy, being in or out, it's all in the lark, if you know what I mean. I think I'll take that 53g frizbee out of the closet and go to the waterfront. No! Someone might see me :-(
  4. by   kids
    Go play frisbee.

    I am debating getting dressed and going to Powells Books for the day. Or maybe Saturday Market under the Burnside bridge (can't remember if it is open or not). Or maybe I'll juat sit here and do nothing all day.

  5. by   BeachNurse
    Well I am sitting inside on a horribly RAINY day...both my son's baseball practices were cancelled!

    Mario, I really like your avatars...very cute!
  6. by   NurseDennie
    Hi -

    It's kind of cold-rainish here, too (Tennessee). This morning, I went to the uni my daughter wants to attend to help her with her scholarship audition, and check out the campus.

    She was upset that the panel "dissed" her cello. His name is Ludwig. They said he doesn't sound "THICK" enough. Go figure. The ochestra teacher from her high school said that she'd tried to prepare the panel for Ludwig's appearance. He's been through a few wars, from the looks of him. The panel at uni asked if he was a 3/4 size cello. He's not, but I think they're not used to seeing a 6' tall female cellist wearing monster boots that make her about 6'3"!!!

    She dressed like a high schooler instead of a musician, I hope that doesn't count against her. She's been in Nashville too long, I think. One too many "session" gigs - she doesn't dress up very much.

    Ah well, keep you fingers crossed for her, okay? A little bit more prestigious uni here has said that whatever Austin Peay U offers, they'll match, so that would be nice. Although I think her heart is set on Austi Peay for some reason?

    Sorry for blathering on about something entirely unrelated to the thread. It's happened before, I guess.

    So, Mario. How are you? Were you brought up in this country? I've wondered if English (or at least American) is your first language? I'm sorry I missed you at the chat last night. What time did you come? You seem like you'd be interesting to meet.

    Take care, everybody


  7. by   mario_ragucci
    Many people ask me if I am from another country, and it rocks my world, being a decorated 4 year USMC veteran. My tongue was assembled in NYC, then I went to USMC, and that "bent" the sound of my voice. Then I seriously studied Russian for 3 years, and then you have what sounds like I do today. I was "brought up" in NYC, which might as well qualify as another country, in every aspect. I'm assuming you listened to my voice on my web page.

    Dennie, you were in the music "industry" huh? Your kids are learning to express themselves with instraments of sound? That is so cool. And they are concerned with how they loook, and about getting disrespected. Soundslike they are grown ups :-) Yeah - the chat. It's really hardcore software for my windows 95 system to work on.

    Anybody can add me to their msn buddy list. I am mario_ragucci. Just add me to your MSN Messenger.

    Thanks beach nurse, you make me blush (blood rushes to mario's face) :-) I know it rains, really rains, in florida.

    And Nancy, or should I say "homegirl" (home-woman) :-)
    you are in the rose city like me. After my math class, I needed to shut the system down and restart (take a nap). Plus, this week I started on coffee again :-( The come downs are hard to face. We awda meet sometime by the fountain at saturday market. It's not open yet, though.

    let me owda here now

    bye everybody -
  8. by   kids
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    And Nancy, or should I say "homegirl" (home-woman) :-)
    you are in the rose city like me. After my math class, I needed to shut the system down and restart
    Close but not close enough Mario...remember your state nick-names...you lived in the northern part of my state at some point.
    I am just north of you over the ugly green bridge.

    I did make it out of the house long enough to go to the grocery store. To much family turmoil going on...couldn't shake the grey mood despite the sunshine.
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Hi Mario -

    No, I haven't heard your voice. I didn't know you had a web page, so I went to your profile and found the URL and tried to download one of your thingies, but never got one to download. =-(

    Yeah, it's definitely a music *industry* and as a matter of fact, if you're talking to someone in it, it is "THE industry." As in "ah, he's not in The Industry, so he wouldn't understand." NOBODY takes themselves more seriously, believe me!!

    My younger daughter has been studying music/cello since she was about 6 years old. I doubt very much if she'll be a professional cellist when she graduates uni, because she's just not driven enough. But it's a nice income now and will put her through university and probably take her around the world a time or two, so that's enough. The panel at school were dissing her CELLO, not her (G). She's not much concerned with her looks, actually. Her sister is "the pretty one." I hate when people do that!

    Interesting about the USMC and all the Russian and all. I know what you're getting at in a way, because I'm always quick to point out that I'm AMERICAN even though I tend to be very British in many ways. My father was in the USN, I'm not 100% sure of the whole story, but I understood that he gave up his British citizenship in order to serve in the USN. I think it was at the advice of his father, who was "somehow" involved in the Royal Navy (UK).

    I just thought I'd ask about the background - hope I didn't offend you.


  10. by   mario_ragucci
    no, you didn't offend me.
  11. by   CashewLPN
    hey mario-- what part of NYC did you grow up in?
    I'm a staten islander for life... eew... Thank god for the big yellow boat.
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    I was born at St. Vincents. We lived in Port Richmond at that time. Then we moved to Eltingville where I spent my childhood, then to Clove Lakes area, then Tompkinsville proper. What impacted me the most was a job in NYC during high school (early 80's) I miss Staten Island very much. I often wonder what it looks like when you come over the top of victory blvd now that there is no more twin towers.

    Where are you at on the island?
  13. by   jayna
    such a fresh air in a smoking mountains....
  14. by   micro
    hey, nurse dennie,
    sorry, not about mario right now.......

    tell your daughter keep playin the cello, what her heart is in, her passion is in and her drive is in.................sounds beautiful from here.......

    if not there, then there.....if not then, then then.............

    nurse dennie, mario, jayna, yeti, kids-r-fun, and all,
    just micro chkn' the threads...........