Hey Kewl Nurse!!!!!

  1. you said that you did ortho for 2 years and wouldnever want to do it again. just curious, what did you not like about it?
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  3. by   princessangel
    hi BB.
    Is this a general enquiry? If so the reason i hate orthopeadics is that I was always hitting myself on the frames and bed cradles and other metalwork that surround ortho patients when working the night shift! Can still feel them bruises....
  4. by   kewlnurse
    lots of reasons. because is mostly elective surgery people are under the impression that they are checking into a hotle, and our manager pretty much tried to run the floor like that, i'm sick of these 300 lb btkr's being total slugs not wanting to do anything for themselves, and expect you to get them into bed, than out, then in, than out..., tired of the constant post ops, especially at 3:15 when the parr was told both verbally and in writing not to send anybody up between 2:30 and 3:30 as this was shift change, tired of the constant call lights, not exagerating at all, the floor i am on know the call lights ring in 12 hours what they ring on the ortho floor in 15 minutes, tired of the constant pain meds, tired of people not putting frames on beds the proper way and bonking my head (done correctly this ins't a problem), tired of actually having to put frames on beds, why isn't maintance or enviromental services doing this? tired of the masses of familys that would hudle of there loved one like they were dying, tired of 20 -40 yo male patients who had a simple discectomy who won't get out of bed for 3 days, tired of the bowel obsessed pt's who complain because they haven't mover their bowels in 2 days, gimme a break, i'd pay not to crap for 2 days. thats it in a nut shell. maybe it's just the hospital i'm at , maybe it's the staff, there are some other reason i wouldn't go back but they are staff related, and probably wouldn't apply to other hospitals.
  5. by   BlueBear
    love your reply kewl nurse! i am sitting here cracking up as i read it. i've been an ortho nurse for a little over 4 years and what you say is so right!!! especially the part about patients thinking they are checking into a hotel-too funny and oh so true. thanks for the laugh! :d