Hey Hug

  1. just saw that you were online and just thought I would ask how you are doing? Are you a night owl or an early riser?
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  3. by   Huq
    angelbear I am HUQ! (huck) and definitely a night owl . How about you?
  4. by   angelbear
    Huq, Sorry about the g instead of q. I am definately a night owl. Work 3rd and stay 3rd even when I am off. Nice to meet ya.
  5. by   Huq
    I work 3-11 and like you have turned my clock around. Bed at about six, up in time to go to work. Yes, days off also.
    Day shift think I am crazy! I always ask "Do you go home and go to bed at about five and then get up at midnight to start getting ready for work? I don't think so"

    Sometime when you are wide awake in the wee hours, if you care to, PM me.
    Nice to meet you too.