Hey Canadians!! OAC's being phased out??

  1. Just thought I'd pick your brains. I'm here in the states but hubby is Canadian (naturalized US citizen now), so I'm familiar w/the grade 13 thing. Anyway, I overheard someone here in the states (her daughter goes to U of Toronto) say that OAC's are done after this year and that both the grade 12'ers and the grade 13'ers will be entering college/university next year. Is this true???
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Being a Manitoban, I never really understood what that whole grade 13 thing was about anyway. I want to University with a bunch of people from northwestern Ontario and besides having some additional humanities courses, they didn't seem to get any more out of Highschool than I did.
  4. by   nurseman
    it is true

    What is the Double Cohort?
    In 1997, the Ontario Government announced a new four-year program for high school students that would be implemented beginning with Grade 9 students in 1999.
    The new system is "destination driven", asking students to choose courses that lead to the workplace, college or university. Although 30 credits are still required to graduate, high school students must complete two more compulsory credits, a Grade 10 literacy test and participate in forty hours of community involvement.

    While the Grade 9 students who started in 1999 were beginning the new four-year diploma program, the Grade 10 students (who began high school in 1998) were still studying the old curriculum. In 2003, students from the final year of the old curriculum and students from the first year of the new curriculum will be graduating. This will create an increased cohort of graduates

  5. by   hapeewendy
    living in toronto right now I'm surrounded by frazzled grade 12/13 students trying to figure out where they are gonna end up going to school , or IF they are gonna be able to go to school period.

    I did the whole grade 13 thing and let me tell you ,highschool needs to end at grade 12... I did nothing significant that year at all and just felt like it was a huge waste of eveyrones time, most importantly mine!!

    a lot of families are gonna be dishing out big bucks for their kids to go to school in the states....
  6. by   fergus51
    Ontario is wierd.
  7. by   NurseGirlKaren
    My hubby is an ex-Ontarioan. In the middle of grade 12, his family found out that they'd be moving to the states with his dad's job transfer. He was enrolled in one OAC class in grade 12. Signed up, took the SAT's real quick, applied and was accepted to university in the states (that's where we met). He did fine (at least in a public university in the states) without doing grade 13.

    I hear the big problem with the "double cohort" (thanks Nurseman!) is housing--2 classes worth of people all trying to get in the same dorms!!

    Thanks for the info.