here is what I think is going to happen

  1. Not to say if I am for or against. On or very close to 9/11/2002 full scale assult will begin. May include limited nuclear strikes on certain military objectives, especially a bunker which a certain dictator had built as a refuge. :stone
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  3. by   prn nurse
    What is a limited nuclear strike? Do we have little tiny bombs?

    I think you are right. I heard months ago that we would be ready to bomb Iraq in September.

    I think it's a done deal.

    And I think it will be an awful legacy for our children and grandchildren.. There will never be a hour's peace for them, I think every Arab in the world will have us in their sights...for the rest of the century.
  4. by   ktwlpn
    Aren't we already in "their sights"?
  5. by   StuPer
    Hi all,
    You know I had a terrifying thought this morning.... I`d been musing about why the US seemed so keen to start a war with Iraq, and then it struck me..... before I get into this though I want people to know even I think I`m wrong...... probably...
    What if this whole drama was a plot by Bin Laden to bring the US down.... The US has been a thorn in the side of Arab states and Muslim fundamentalists for decades.... but they know very well that any form of direct attack on the US would be futile. However, someone like Bin Laden is very clever and capable of planning for years in advance. So what if he engineered an attack where America brought herself down.... by investing in various companies (notably oil), & influencing political pressure groups. If you think about it there is no end of damage a person with sufficient funds could do to rock stability in the American economy, but doing it from within, subtly. Indirectly supporting US organisations that would push for example for the her to act independently of world opinion, isolating it. If the US continued to act in this manner eventually it could be ripe for a terrorist attack that would engender sympathy in foreign governments. The sad thing would be the organisations picked by Bin Laden and his cronies would have to be the most patriotic, hawkish possible. So these groups by defending the US and her interests could be made to bring about her downfall...... a plan like this would take years to implement, would involve stimulating the US to act on the world stage militarily (Sept 11 & the consequent Afgan incursion). Any organisation targeted by Bin Laden, to help him would claim to defend against and deny such involvement to the grave.
    Am I turning into Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory........ what do you think?
    regards StuPer
  6. by   oramar
    It is interesting theory.
  7. by   prn nurse
    Interesting strategies. There are people in the world who are planning strategies, not for this year or even this century. If your people, group, country takes 10 generations to become dominant , so be it. It's worth the wait.

    It was in the news two weeks ago, when Bush was entertaining Prince Bandar at the ranch, that Saudi Arabia has 500 billion dollars invested world wide and that 300 billion is in the U.S. market. AND that they have been reallocating significant amounts to London and Switzerland.

    Our hawks critsizing Saudi Arabia and now the 9-11 survivors suing Saudi Arabia for 400 million ? 800 million, whatever.......... anyway, the Saudi's are becoming a little antsy...about their deposits. They have watched us freeze assets of everybody in every country that's pyssed us off. The article said they Saudi government is very concerned about the high risk here. So, they're making huge transfers.

    Bush was chummying up with Prince Bandar. The article said
    a withdrawal of all Saudi funds would put our economy
    in "extreme jeopardy." It isn't likely, where do you safely invest $300 billion?
    The financial analysts and economists, and brokers, U.S. Federal Reserve, etc. aren't sleeping too well these days.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Naw - see - I think the forces opposing multi-national corporations now are nuclear equiped, which complicates war. War is always complicated. I don't thik any group is bent on just killing any people. I understand that some people in other countries are really starving and dying, without representation, they claim.
    If US advances into Iraq, Iraq will surely launch a nuclear strike to halt the advance (which ain't fair to the US soildiers) I have this feeling there is a mini "los alamos" over there in IRAQ doing their thing to produce several dozen fission devices. Our country may be blackmailed allready, which is why the "war" has kept quiet for so long.

    Just my thoughts, so please don't attack or provoke me into a fight for my thoughts Im sorry :-(
  9. by   micro
    .................................................. .........

    micro still wishes for the brotherhood of man, micro maybe out there in

    I M A G I N E land
    (by John Lennon)

    but otherwise, I would lose hope, and there is always hope......

    micro is not political

    micro is a dreamer and a worker

    good night all,
    love and peace,
    we can but hope,
  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    I'm way in the minority here, but I still think that instead of fighting them, we invest in development of alternative fuels and withdraw from their oil market. Completely.

    And why is that so impossible?
    Americans are famous for their ingenuity.
    And chutzpah.
    so there, mid-eastern america-haters
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  11. by   StuPer
    Hi Sleepy,
    Great idea, never work (unfortunately)... too many very powerful people (Cheney, Bush) with too much money invested in oil to seriously allow an alternative to appear.
    regards StuPer
  12. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yeah, well, they said the PC would never catch on either...
  13. by   rncountry
    Sleepyeyes, I feel the same way. Alternative fuel sources should be found, or invented. Yes, there are powerful interests that would rather that did not happen, however I don't think that has stopped American ingenuity before. I recall a show on Discovery not too long ago about two brothers who were working on a fuel cell that runs off the hydrogen from water. One of the brothers helped invent the satalite system we have for NASA and the other is an engineer. Currently their system is being trialed in city buses in LA and Atlanta. Who knows what may come from that. I had to laugh when I saw the program because years ago when my oldest child was young, he said he was going to invent a way for cars to run off water because hydrogen can be used as a fuel. And he was like, 10 or 11 at the time. Always been a bright boy! But one way or another we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, and not only so other countries have a hold over us.
  14. by   StuPer
    Hi Again,
    I absolutely agree about the need to wean ourselves of fossil fuels, not least because the world won't/can't tolerate to much more polution. I hope your right, I just can`t help being the cynic....
    regards Stuart