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  1. I am just wondering how much your husband helps with housework? I do everthing now but I have decided to delegate some responsibilities to him.
    A friend told me her husband is responsible for the kitchen floor each week.
    Any suggestions to lessen my load besides hiring a maid?
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  3. by   bossynurse
    my b/f doesnt do any housework unless I write a list on his day off. He doesn't do everything the way I would but I must choose my battles.
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I think household responsibilities should be 50/50. This is including working (not money being brought in, but hours worked in general) AND housework. Ofcourse, this is also one of the issues that ultimately led to my divorce also. I say pick your battles.

    Ask your husband what he thinks is fair, and then both of you delegate "chores" that way.
  5. by   delirium
    My wife and I share responsibilities. She works long hours, I work long hours, and go to school... there just isn't enough time in the day for everything to be done.

    So, I cook, most of the time. She cleans. Yesterday (one of our rare days off together) she shampooed the living room/hallway carpets, I cleaned the hell out of the dining room/kitchen floors. We're a team, in every sense.
    I yell and scream and bytch and moan and fight and hold my breath and cuss and stew and pout and threaten and strike.

    Seriously, my hubby has no problem helping with a big task. He's not lazy. He just has a problem with the day to day thing, picking up his crap, etc.

    It's definately helped to delegate with a specific task. Don't just be vague and say "will you help out a little more?" Men never get stuff like that.

    Good luck!

  7. by   cpgrn
    I cook and clean most of the time. He vacuums on Wed. (his day off) unless he's doing the taxes or some other necessary thing. He washes my car and does all the yard work. I work in the flower garden but really shouldn't even do that since I'm so allergic to bees. Keep the epi pen handy! We kind of work it out. He grills a lot but I get everything ready.
  8. by   sphinx husband actually does most of the household chore-type stuff. Between having surgery twice last last (being physically out of comission both before-cuz I felt like garbage all the time, and after while recuperating)......then being in a protracted bout of depression.......on top of it all being buried under a mountain of paperwork every night no matter how much I did during the day (every increasing caseloads in homecare)......needless to say, I had been doing very little around the house. Esp when I was depressed, I was lucky to shower and get to work. Now that I am working in the office (no paperwork at night), feel better physically (no pesky "female problems" or poorly functioning gallbladder) and my depression has lifted, I am doing quite a bit more. He still does more than 50% for sure, but I am trying to do my fair share. Needless to say, I consider myself VERY fortunate to have such a terrific guy to put up with my crap the past couple years. Now mind you, the house isn't's hard for anyone to work full time and keep a perfect house.....but I am eternally grateful that I wasn't expected to do it all during these hard times. (otherwise we'd have starved, gone around naked or in dirty clothes, and lived in filth, haha!!!!). Yup, I found a keeper, I did!!
  9. by   Gardengal
    My husband does most of the housework and cooking. He goes to school Monday and Friday during the day and evenings Wednesday-I work 50+ hours per week. If he had to wait for me to do it we'd live in filth or starve. Before we were married I hired someone weekly to do the bulk of the cleaning, so my days off could be days off. Now he does it because we decided his time allowed him to do it.

    When he does a big project though I typically pick up more of the load-ie when he was redoing the soffit and fascia on the house.
    It's more a matter of who has the time. It works out for us, and as he says at least he doesn't feel like a dead beat.
  10. by   extremebean
    my best advice? check out
    this woman/group has done WONDERS for my home management frustrations!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   NurseRachy
    My suggestion to lessen your load would be Not washing any of his clothes that he wants or needs to wear, threatening to serve up dinner on dirty plates unless he washes them, ask him to do a fair amount of cleaning (like vacuuming or putting the clean clothes away) and just sit and wait for them to be done - hopefully in the mean time you will have visitors and say "oh, sorry about the mess/ dust but --------- hasn;t got around to cleaning that yet, and i can;t do everything." Hopefully this will embaress him and he will never let it happen again. A friends mum did this to her dad and there has been a 360degree turnaround!! Good luck!