Help!! (Please...)

  1. I am moving in January from Utah to Florida - HELP. Does anyone know what the best route would be seeing that it is in the middle of winter! AAA hasn't helped - they are sending me through Wyoming - don't think so... Anyway, does anybody know about I-10 or I-20 or I-40?? ANY help would be much appreciatied...

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  3. by   baseline
    I-10 is probably your best best this time of year. I moved from Fla to Az in the wintertime, and found this fairly easy. But I don't have amap in front of me. Let me look later on and I will PM you. Where about in Utah are you??
  4. by   baseline
    Hey ... by the by...where in Fla are you moving to?
  5. by   Pretzlgl
    I am in Salt Lake City...Appreciate your help - we were thinking I - 10, are there a decent amount of rest stops along it? We will be traveling with our 2 dogs. (This is gonna be soo much fun....NOT)
    I'm looking forward to being back with my family, just not the move itself.
  6. by   Pretzlgl
    It's called Port St. Lucie. About an hour north of West Palm Beach.
    Ever hear of it?
  7. by   baseline
    Yep! I sure have! So you are from Fla? I would give anything to move back to Az. I miss the ... SPACE!!!!!! The air.....sigh.

    Yes , there are plenty of rest stops. I had my little (drugged) Corgi with me. Its pretty.... and I can give you the name of the restaurant with the BEST ribs in Texas!
  8. by   Pretzlgl
    So are you back in Florida?? I do like Salt Lake - no humidity, beautiful weather. Nice mountains. But - I miss my family soo much, and my dad is almost 70 with a few health problems. Yes, definitely want the name of the rib joint! Glad to hear it about the rest stops...
  9. by   kids
    I moved from WA to FL on I40 in January ' problems once we were able to get on 40 (we had to go thru N. Cali).
  10. by   baseline
    Yes, I am back in Fla. :-( But for the best for now.... my Mom is 86...and in good health but ... she is 86. Welcome back! I will look up the name of the town we stayed at and the rib place!
  11. by   spineCNOR
    For what it's worth, I have driven cross country both ways in January - I-40 and I-10? I-20--you should be fine either way. Going I-10/ I-20 you shouldn't run into any snow or bad weather. The time I took I-40 in Jan I did drive through a short area where there were snow flurries, but no accumulation.

    Personally, I think the I-10/I-20 is more scenic- makes a long trip less tedious.

    If memory serves - Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi & Alabama have a decent number of well-maintained rest stops. Some even have a designated doggy "rest area".

    You probably already know this, but most major motel chains allow dogs - Holiday Inn, La Quinta Inn, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn do for sure, but there are others that do as well.

    Good luck with your move-- I know your family will be happy to have you close by!
  12. by   Pretzlgl
    Thanks you guys....that eases some worry. I knew about Motel 6 allowing pets, but I didn't know about ALL the others. That is great news too. (I'm just glad my husband will be driving the moving truck, but I will be with the 2 dogs.)
  13. by   spineCNOR
    For all sorts of dog travel info check out:

    By the way, if you take the southern route between Tucson, Az and the New Mexico border in Willcox, AZ there is a great little cafe & store (hope it's still there) that only carries apples - apples, apple butter, apple cider, etc-- there you can get apple pie fresh from with oven with ice cream- YUM!
  14. by   baseline
    AAA tour books will tell you who allows dogs and who doesn't. Sometimes there is an extra fee.