Help me interpret my dream.

  1. I am peddling down the road on my trusty bike. I make a turn onto an unfamiliar road. I come upon a bldg that looks familiar but I can't place it. Suddenly hundreds of student nurses that look like student nurses did in the 1960s(caps, white stockings, standard uniforms, all female) come streaming out. I hear them talking about standard student nurse stuff, classes are hard, instructors are demanding. I try to engage them in a conversation. I get cold stares and snide remarks. I pull out a wallet and show them pictures of me as a nurse. I turn and get back on my bike and ride off. I hear laughter and snickers behind me. The suprising thing is the way I feel as I ride off, I feel rebuffed but determined and undefeated. Hmmm, what was that all about?
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  3. by   LilgirlRN
    You have a decision to make and you're afraid that if you make the wrong one, people will see you as strange and/or make fun of you.
  4. by   RN-PA
    Oramar, what LilgirlRN says makes sense to me. I recently discovered a site that can supposedly help interpret dreams at:

    Go to the middle box on dreaming where it says, "ANALYZE THIS" and you can type in your dream or just certain meaningful words. I did it with a few of my dreams and wasn't that impressed with the interpretation, but it was interesting anyway.

    I was told that it's best to determine how a dream makes you FEEL, most importantly, and you need to figure out your own dream "vocabulary". For instance, if one person dreams about swimming in the ocean, it can be very positive and peaceful because they love to swim, love the ocean, etc. For another person, they may have had a bad experience in water so the dream could be threatening or negative for them.

    As far as your dream, it seems like you may be having second thoughts about being a nurse-- that the possibly "ideal" nurse you envisioned when you were younger (caps, white stocckings, etc.) doesn't exist, you're now disillusioned and considering other careers? ...

    Well all this speculation is making me sleepy, so guess I'll take a nap.... To sleep: perchance to dream...:zzzzz
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  5. by   Brownms46
    I think both of the above are excellent interpretations...but since I sneaked a peek at your profile...I gonna try a different view.

    I think you miss nursing, and would like to return to it...but if you could, and might feel your skills would be outdated....and/or you might not be taken seriously....or feel you might not be respect for your previous yrs of experience.

    I'm probably all wrong here...but just a thought
  6. by   RN-PA
    Now that I sneaked a peak at Oramar's profile, I hafta agree with you, Brownie-- You get the cigar! ...Or the prize! :hatparty: (I like an excuse to use the new smilies )

    What do you think, Oramar?
  7. by   oramar
    Have had time to think. This is a very important dream to me, the symbolism is important. The road is the road of life. The trusty bike is all the things I love, family, friends, co-workers, home, hearth and even allnurse. I say the bike is trusty because I am in a very comfortable place in my life as far as home and family. I feel comfortable until I see the bldg. The familiar bldg. represents the INSTITUTIONS of healthcare and nursing specifically, it is familiar because I spent so much time there but I can't place it because it has recently changed so much. As soon as I see the bldg. I start to feel anxious. The student nurses represent school, I feel as if I want to be part of their conversation. The cold stares and verbal abuse represents the coldness and uncaring I have experineced from the INSTITUTIONS of healthcare and healthcare education. (you see no matter where I am I always meet some pretty wonderful people) So I am feeling attacted to and longing for both things but at the same time I am aware of the pitfalls. EVERYONE IS IDENTIFYING THIS AS A CROSSROADS DREAM AND YOU ARE ALL CORRECT. My getting back on the bike and riding down the road is a positive thing. The positive feeling I experienced as I peddled away mean that I am not afraid of the road of life, just kind of anxious about some of the things I know I will meet there. At the very end of the dream as I peddle away I feel in control, I afterall have chosen to climbed back on the bike and ride away. I was leaving things behind not fleeing. It is a very grown up dream.
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  8. by   micro
    dreams are such strange things.......
    a way of a mind working things out from everyday life and at times just letting go........
    I am not opposed to think that there are deeper meanings out there for dreams either......and also a place for psychic connections......but then there I go weirding off again.....
    mico talks and micro listens and micro is (1st, 2nd, 3rd person) will do great..........never lose faith in yourself.........never......keep on pedalling
  9. by   RN-PA
    micro posted: will do great..........never lose faith in yourself.........never......keep on pedalling
    I think micro expresses my wishes for you best, Oramar. May you find what you are looking for on your road of life! balloons:
  10. by   Brownms46
    Thanks for the prize RN-PA...:chuckle.. You know I thought some more about this dream...and I agree Oramar...that getting back on your bike and riding away feeling undaunted by the laughter and snickers...would mean you weren't defeated...and felt content with your decisions.

    And can wierd off anytime. I believe that dreams are important to. I recently dreamed I was riding very high in a clear, sunny sky. I don't remember anymore than that...but I felt it meant that I would survive my current trials...and raise above them. At least I hope so....:chuckle:
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    The fact that you were so completely unruffled by the students' remarks means that you have a genuine confidence in your skills that will be undeterred. So I guess I like the ending best. I also like the bike imagery; seems to lend itself toward independence and hard work.

    Oramar, you're cool God Bless!
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    I've had a similar dream, only I was in a boat. The boat had no oars or motor, no sail, just the river to move it along. It was at night, it was raining. I got in the boat, had on a raincoat on top of my life jacket. I fell asleep and woke up later to find the boat was full of water and sinking. There was nothing to bail with. I had on a life jacket so I let the boat sink out from under me and just went with the current. Up ahead there were 2 yachts anchored together and the people were laughing at me. I couldn't figure out why they were laughing until I realized the water where I was was so shallow I could stand up. Same dream, different visualizations, but you get to the same place.

    Then there's the crazy dream about me and my mom riding Harleys in the Grand Canyon and she's mad at me cause all I have on is a scrub top and panties and she can see my undies when my top blows up in the!!
  13. by   RN-PA
    My dreams are usually so strange that I wake up and tell my husband, "Lock me up and throw away the key!"-- Full of people I don't know, traveling all over, and recently I became interested in "Survivor 4", reading articles about it, lurking at bulletin boards, etc., and so many of my dreams lately have had contest motifs- whatta surprise.

    One recurring dream I've had involves staying in a large house or some other building near the ocean (I LOOOOVE the seashore!)-- I can see the beach from the windows, but I'm so busy, and involved in complicated situations that I never get to go near the beach. The feeling I get from it is that I need to make sure I'm living in the moment, enjoying my life, and not sweating the small stuff.

    And then, there are the NURSING dreams... {{{shudder}}} I won't go there...:stone :imbar
  14. by   oramar
    Tried to talk to my niece about nursing, she is ICU nurse who came to granny's mothers day party. Got vibes from her just like the student nurses gave me in my dream. "Go away old woman, you are out of date and out of touch." Turns out there was an element of prophecy in the dream.