Help me cheer up my dear, devoted hubby!!!

  1. Hey, you guys, today is DH's 32nd birthday!!! We're broke, and he's been pretty depressed lately, and I wish I had thought of this sooner, but if ANY of you have a minute to spare, would you consider sending him a birthday greeting? It could be anything- nice, cheerful, name it! I'd really like to cheer him up, and I'm trying everything in the book. I'd be SO grateful to any of you who decide to do this!!! He's such a wonderful, supportive husband, and I feel like I owe him the world for treating me so well for all these years. So! Anyone who decides to help me out with this will get a big smooch from me (umm..cheek only, please, and I don't mean the latter..hehe), my undying devotion, and a pony ride. Maybe on the pony ride...I'll see what I can do.

    His name is Doug. He's 32. You can send it to [email] (I made a special account for this very purpose! Aren't I crafty?) and again, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. If any of you out there like me enough to do this (Umm...if NOBODY does this, I'm going to feel very lonely...) I will be your best friend forever. Or at least, until 2007, at which time the contract will be void.

    Love (what? I'm in a good mood!), Kristi

    Ps. This does NOT have to be an e-card! A simple message or funny picture or whatever would be just as appreciated! Even a 'Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff!' would be fine. He'd like that. Really.
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    Well, since I am no master of computers, I just sent your darling hubby a Happy B-day message!

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    Done!! :kiss
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    Hooked ya up with another card...what a great idea you had...hope he realizes what a special person he has!