Help Jacqui


    This website was on my Yahoo! page yesterday and today. I went to her website at work and became totally engrossed in her story. She is a young woman who was burned in a car fire caused by a collision with a drunk driver in Texas.

    If you click on the link "Austin American Statesman" towards the bottom of the page, you can read what happened to her and about her life since the accident.

    I truly have to hand it to Burn unit caregivers. They have a very difficult job.

    (BTW--I checked on, and this website and her story are real. Be warned that some of the photos on the site are disturbing.)
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  3. by   bewbew
    I was sent this in an email a month or so ago, and it freaked me out.................that poor girl!
    I agree, the burns unit nurses must be pretty amazing people!
  4. by   researchrabbit
    I am speechless. What incredible strength she has.
  5. by   NurseShell

    that's about all I can a strong spirit she has (and self confidence) to speak out! May God bless her and her family!!
    Perpetual pessimist that I am.... had to check it out. Seems that it's true.

    Brave girl.