Help, I need some help!

  1. Hi I am Paula,
    I posted a thread the other day and I didn't have any reply. But a little quote.
    I enrolled at Reagents, but that is as far as I have gotten besides paying all the fees. I am lost. I dont' know what books to buy or really how to study or use their web site. I do have some study guides but thats as far as it goes I could use a little advise. I need to get my RN so bad. If you have any encouragement, advise, humor, I would love to hear from you. also you may looked up my first thread " Reagents".
    Thank you very much,
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  3. by   BBFRN
    Do you mean Regents? They are now called Excelsior. I hope you didn't send a check to "Reagents." ????????
  4. by   elkpark
    Have you searched for other threads and posters re: Excelsior College? There is a whole forum here on Distance Learning, and I often see threads on the list of current topics that mention EC. Apparently, there are quite a few folks here who are involved in that program.