HELP!!! Hair 911!!

  1. OK, My hair is a disaster!! In my area, to get a cut, frosting, and blow-dry, it is around $110, that is in every salon I have tried.

    I am just not putting out that kind of $$. I can deal with Miss clairol if I have to, not as nice as a frosting, but Oh well.

    So here's the thing. I haven't had my short hair cut all summer. It is to the point now where my bangs are down to the end of my nose, and that is the longest of the shortest parts. The back, I can get into a small pony tail, but all the front hairs fall out, still to short. I've been wearing headbands. The nice thing about my home health job is, where my territory is, the people aren't too fussy about how you look, so I haven't messed too much with my hair, just wash it, and let it dry as the bangs are pulled off my head w a pretty headband.

    My hair is naturally curly, not a nice tight curl, but just wild.

    I am trying to grow it out so I can just keep it in a ponytail or a bun, and maybe on certain days wear it down again, not sure. I just want something low maintenance. Short hair, believe it or not, is NOT low maintenance at all!! It requires constant trips to the beauty salon to keep it looking right, and I can't afford, or let's put it this way, I refuse to spend my money like that, maybe when I have the credit cards and school loans paid off, but not yet.

    OK, so, I am thinking (my husband always says, Uh Oh when I say that) Maybe I could try styling it somehow in hot rollers? I have seen a lot of my friends do this in the past, and their hair always comes out looking nice. But I don't know how to do it ?? What size rollers, which way to roll them, etc...

    Has anyone used hot rollers for an in-between, short and medium, length hair??

    Any ideas?? I'm starting my new job Monday, and I have to wear dress clothes, business casula, but I don't think my present headband look is going to be professional enough.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Hi Hoolahan !

    Years ago I used to use hot rollers, came with 3 differents sizes, worked pretty well for body, gotta use spray. Is it really humid in your area? Better us a lot of spray.

    I know you want to look professional so a few little clips probably wouldn't go.. they make some really cute dressy clips now.

    Anyway, how about Bed Head, after your hair is dry.. I think the look is very sophisticated (sp).

    My girlfriend does my hair and she's not cheap BUt I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Good Luck !
  4. by   moonchild20002000
    Is your hair long enough to cut into a bob?If so,thats a good way to grow it out. When you roll your hair start at the front.Roll the front all to the back.The sides roll down.I guess these directions are confusing but what you want is to straighten it a bit and have body.I would try different ways before you start the new job. You may even be able to find hair bands that are pretty plain.Do you have a dollar tree? Just few thoughts.....wish I was there to do your hair!
  5. by   CATHYW
    Oh, yeah, Hoolihan! I used to put 2 hot rollers on the crown rolled to the back(medium-size) and either 3 small or 2 mediums sideways, rolled to the side that I prefer it to fall toward. Then. one small or medium at both sides of the face, perpendicular, rolled toward the back. Then rows oacross the back of whatever size curler will fit. Let the rollers cool, ease them out, and either fingercomb up, out, and back, or brush it the way you'd like it. Then spray. I've used that for years on and off, and always manage to get an acceptable style-sometimes even a really good one! Good luck! I am growing mine out again, and considering a perm. Am I crazy?
  6. by   hoolahan
    Ya know, I am considering a perm too! IT may be a good camflauge while it is growing. ??

    Thanks Cathy, I'm still not sure exactly what you're talking about, can you take some pics of your head rolled (you don't have to show your face, LOL, so I can see it? I tried a search on-line, but I only came up with tons of beauty supply places, no pictures of how to style w rollers.

    Not quite long enugh for the bob moonchild, if it was, this would be much simpler. Can't wait!!!

    Any kind of curlers, rollers that you recommend girls??
  7. by   kittyw
    I too have the wild curly hair! When I do it, I have to make sure my hair is completly dry ... or it flops like crazy. I like to use a curling iron on the ends to smooth them down first - the rollers don't do a good job on that. I use the bigger sized rollers to go for a smooth look and use my curling iron to go for a smaller curl look. Also, I use a leave in conditioner ALL the time ... and go for the superdooper conditioning cream everyday until it rehydrates.

    I'm too tired to write more ... been in clinical all day in the ICU. Brain hurts ... vacation starts Friday at 5. :hatparty:

    Good luck with your hair!
  8. by   live4today
    Hoolihan.....may I recommend to you for you to get a relaxer to straighten out your curly hair so you can have a more free-flowing hairstyle that would be easier to care for...IMHO.

    Otherwise, if you prefer your curly style, let it flow naturally with a nice barette holding back the front, or trim your bangs to eyebrow level, and let the rest be curly. Hope this helps you some. Here in Texas, the humidity keeps any woman from looking salon perfect, so I often times just don't bother to do much of anything with my hair. If I do, by the time I've walked the dog and returned home, my hair looks like a wet puppy dog with long shaggy hair. So, good luck to ya with the hair. :kiss
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  9. by   hoolahan
    Hey Renee, relaxers?? Been there done that, they don't work on my hair!! LOL I think I'm trying to get away from the bangs, but maybe I can grow the rest out, then let the bangs grow later? I'll have to really think about that one.

    Kitty, thanks for taking a moment to help me, now go put your feet up!!
  10. by   Reabock
    I find that the clip holders for hot rollers don't really hold and had a lot of those big and medium clips that girls hold a wad of hair up on the back of their head, don't know what they are called. You can get them in all sizes from tiny to huge, and I just use the appropriate size to go around the hot roller to hold it. I have a Reminton style setter setb but have also had a Clairol set in the past that worked well. The ones with the little sticky up prongs ao grip the hair seem to do better than a set I bought that had soft velvety stuff on the roller, hair just all fell off that one and I took it back promptly!! If you want to grow out the bangs just suffer along a little longer and don't be tempted to cut them back as you are over halfway there now. Maybe use tiny little clips to hold it back till it grows out a bit more and the headband idea is okay too, how about a former First Lady that wore them all the time and that was okay! A product called Frizz fix will help keep it a bit more manageable also, use sparingly. Good Luck and I am so glad a cut and blowdry here is less than $10. I am getting a perm next week and expect to pay less that $35. so $110 is astronomical to me!!
  11. by   dianah
    You could trim the bangs yourself, if you want length on sides and back, and the bangs not hanging in your eyes . . . I agree, short hair IS high-maintenance!! Looks sharp though!!
  12. by   live4today
    You could ALWAYS go bald, hoolihan!!! Bald is really IN these days...didn't you know that? :kiss
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Short hair, believe it or not, is NOT low maintenance at all!!
    Not by a long shot! Short hair requires the most maintenance!

    I recently grew my hair out successfully, after many attempts. I would get so upset with that "in between" stage that I would get it chopped again. So, I finally did it! It was well past my shoulders, I could twist it and put it in one of those big clips. How did I celebrate my big achievement? I GOT MY HAIR CUT OFF!

    I just feel better, more goddess-like, with short hair. I can't explain it.

    Good luck to you! I've never done the hot roller thing myself. It's something Ive always I wanted to try.

  14. by   Hidi74
    Hi , have you tried a chain salon. Alot of people cringe when I say that but I have worked for Supercuts for 8 yrs as a stylist and trainer for the company. I will say There are alot of good hairstylists out there who don't charge that much. My salon has a huge clientel and we have been voted the best in our city 3 years running. We even do the mayors hair!!!! Just a thought!! Good luck
    Hidi74 Future RNangel
    P.s. if you want to messege me and let me know where you live I can try and find you a good stylist!!!!

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