1. Help... got a problem...
    I kinda tried to dye my hair a nice auburn color....the plan was real nice...
    See.. I followed the directions EXACTLY as they were on the package... (I just kinda forgot that most of my hair had old blond hilights in it)

    So... now... I"m kinda the proud owner of a flame head...

    as in Flame Magenta Red...
    Flame on....
    Whoa flame...
    its very red..... redder than red...
    its nearly glow in the dark...
    now, if I wasnt a nurse I wouldnt worry so much... but, I kinda gotta go to work on weds....
    How can I help it fade... (and yes, it was perminant color)
    I like the color though... its just basically cherry apple red... very pretty color...
    help though!!! Please!!!
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Barbara, if you used a major brand like Clairol or L'Oreal, they should have a 1-800 "hotline" number you can call for advice and help.

    If not, your best bet is to go to a salon and throw yourself on their mercy, or at the very least, a beauty supply store where they can advise you and sell you something to tone down the color.

    If you are an absolutely die-hard do-it-yourselfer, you can buy "Drabber" at most drugstores (in the haircolor aisle, near the peroxide), which can be mixed per instructions with peroxide in a "drabber bath" and applied as directed to your hair. The drabber tones down unwanted gold and red highlights in hair. Also, if it's just your highlights which are too bright, you can buy a toner which is normally sold with a two-step process (like Clairol's Born Blonde) in a darker shade and it will ONLY affect the highlighted (bleached ) areas of your hair.

    But I would really recommend getting some expert advice, stat!
    And let us know how it turns out!
  4. by   Zee_RN
    When I went red they told me to avoid hot water on my hair as red fades fast. So, I would guess to fade it fast, use hot water...and truly, the red does fade out and leaves me with my normal blonde. Worth a try...but it won't be immediate.
  5. by   Lausana
    I once managed to give my hair a green "hue" after trying to fix a bad dye job I finally gave in and went to the salon--what a lifesaver!!

    They have something to wash out the color, I guess they sell it in beauty supply stores, but it looks like you've got long hair so you'd probably need help to do it, it cost about 80 bucks to go to the salon for the rinse out and well worth it & I was also a learning tool on what not to do to your hair as everyone popped in for a peak at my green!

    Best of Luck! :chuckle
  6. by   Jenny P
    Hey Barb, if you like the color but are worried about work, can you put it up so that the brightest color is hidden? You know, if the ends are the part that's the brightest, can you put it in a bun with the ends tucked under the rest of it? My dtr. has gone through various colors of hair (intentionally) over the past 2-3 years, but if she had to look more professional (she sold CUTCO Knives last summer), she could tuck the brightest colors underneath and then use scrunchies and bright barrettes so you weren't sure if her hair really was pink or if the color was reflected from the hair accessories.
    Good Luck!
    And don't forget to come cook for me someday!
  7. by   Brownms46
    I was going to add my two cents ...but Stargazer beat me to it.. I would go with that I have too have had the hair distaster and ended up once with ORANGE hair.... I was to start a new job the next day..
  8. by   CashewLPN
    thanks for the advice!!
    I think I'm just gonna wear it pulled back tighter than usual... but, I'm liking the red...

    (washed it 2x with HOT water too... faded it a, now its not incindiary... just very red...)

    alrighty then....

  9. by   kids
    Prell and Pert/Pert plus shampoos (if they still make them) will strip color (and a perm) out of your hair.

    (I had a Nursing instructor object to my goth appearance and had to tone it down some...stripped the dye out enough to color it a 'normal' color for her)
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    I am thinking (knowing) I would have to fork out the cash to go get the whole thing fixed at the hairdressers. This after my own bad home dye job turned my light hair some odd shade of green. While it did match my eye color it was no way near the shade I originally had in mind. I was afraid if I tried to do anything else to it myself I might not end up with any hair....So, now I treat myself by allowing the professionals to do it...