Hellooooooooo-o-o-o-o-o !!!! UPDATE !

  1. Hello Dear Friends ! :spin:

    OMG... it has been a LONG time, yes?

    What a challenging two weeks.... and it's going to be a LONG 6 mos. :uhoh21:

    Mom is currently sitting on the front porch, bundled up, while we have a tiny bit of sunshine and temps in teh fifities instead of the frigid 20's and 30's we had all last week. Tomorrow getting colder again with rain and by Monday 50-60 mph winds, so let her out while the weather permits.

    And that is about the ONLY time I get to myself, to take a few minutes to breathe... and come on here !!! I have needed this. I misss you all SO MUCH!!!
    I have no idea what's going on with all of you, I am so out of the loop. Feel free to pm me or drop me an email and fill me in from time to time.. I may not have time to respond, but I do take a minute here and there to check my inbox.

    OK.. quick update before I go prepare supper:

    Mom is truly a challenge.. seems to be transitioning reasonably well, but stays pretty confused, especially from 4pm on.

    Just a few "bullet" notes on what all she has gotten into so far...

    * decided it was too far to walk to the bathroom with her walker one noc and peed in my dresser drawer. (and all over the carpet, down the side of the bed, matress, etc.)

    * obsesses about our mailbox and our neighbor checking his which is adjacent to ours.. she thinks he's taking our mail.

    * obsesses about our open garage, we have no pulldown door on it and she just can't comprehend that. "PPL can break in the house if there's no garage door!"

    * waits for phone calls from her Momma and Pappa

    * has gotten so used to dh sitting in the living room with her in front of the tv, she now believes he is her fella from Germany, calls him "sweetie pie", "schatzilein", etc. Last noc she insisted on following him to bed, then couldn't understand why he was going to bed without her.."but he sleeps with me EVERY NIGHT.. why not tonight?"

    * bath time is the pits... it's all I can do to get her to agree to take a bath, no matter how easy and pleasant I make it for her with shower chair, pampering,etc. She stubbornly refuses and I have to practically force her.

    * got her signed up for HH.. took her to see my doc yesterday. Her blood sugars are very high.. nonfasting 350-400. Fasting about 130.
    Going to monitor them for the next few days for several x day and see how they run.. may have to make some med adjustments there. I feed her only truly healthy foods, no added sugars, and only an occasional sugar free treat.. Pati had done the same.

    * she still often thinks she's at some hotel, or in Vienna, mostly at nocs. Bedtime is usaully good, thank goodness. She's not given me any problems yet there. Sleeps well.

    Before I head out the door in the am I change her depends, wash her bottom real good, give her her early morning meds, check her FBG, and put on her ted hose (which she HATES!) and always tries to roll down after I'm gone.
    Then she lies back down for awhile 'til dh calls her for B'Fast. She dresses herself and comes to the table.

    I absolutely could not do this without him.. he is soooooooo good with her!
    He covers until I get home, then it's nonstop from there until bedtime.. I always dread the 3-4 pm hour as I know the sundowning will begin full force.

    OK.. that's all the time I have for now... better get her off the porch and start fixing dinner.

    Love you all ! Hope I can come back again sooner than later. I miss you all very, very much!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    sounds like you have it down pat, i know it is rough but you are a blessing for her to have in this time
  4. by   jnette
    And yes.. she tells dh that he is not my husband... "she has another husband, not you"..... "you are NOT her husband.. that is news to me!"
  5. by   nursemary9

    It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I'm not sure I would have the patience.
    She is so blessed to have you!

    My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

    Mary Ann
  6. by   jnette
    OK.. supper is done, dishes washed and put away. Mom is sitting on the couch with dh (oh, how she loves it!) :chuckle and I sneaked off to my room to try to get a few bills paid. Did a bit of cleaning around the house while she was on the porch.. gotta try to get as much done as I can whenever circumstances allow.

    Her first weekend here with us alone (last weekend) I was on call the entire weekend.. that was a disaster ! Had an early am call for a BG of 40, needed to rush out to take the call, and wash Mom up and put her ted hose on before I left.. that was the same morning I walked in to find she had peed in my dresser drawer. Oh my.. I was a nervous wreck the enitre weekend.

    The daughter of a patient of mine gave me her mother's bedside commode.. practically new. Her mother had advanced alzheimer, too, and was actively dying in their home and no longer able to get up to use the commode, so she begged me to take it for Mutti. That was a Godsend ! It works beautifully.
    She has a commode stand over ours in the bathroom to help her get up, etc., but I guess the hallway is more than she was willing to tackle at noc, even though it is very short. Whatever works. And this does, so we're ALL happy now.

    OK..back to my bills. Want to be able to have a relaxing weekend starting tomorrow... IF that's possible anymore. We'll see...............
  7. by   RGN1
    Oh Jnette you are such an inspiration - I don't think I could cope any where near as well as you!!! How do you do it??

    my brother's MIL has early Alzheimers & I don't know what's in store for him & his wife yet. Although his wife's sister lives nearer & is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (we differentiate in the UK as the training is different for the various branches) so I think much of the burden may fall on her as time goes by.

    I can't say or do anything to help but I often read your posts & think you're a wonderful person with a great family by all accounts!
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    jnette - your husband is a dear sweet man. Not many husbands could handle this.

    Hugs sent your way . . .:icon_hug:

  9. by   jnette
    Thanx Chats, RGN, and Steph! :kiss

    It IS difficult... a true emotional rollercoaster. Hard to be objective, too, as many negative feelings are re-awakened from childhood memories when Mutti says or does certain things.. even just some of those old "looks" can cause those old feelings to resurface, and it takes a great deal of effort to not act on those feelings, and try to be detached from all that. Dh doesn't have that problem so it's far easier for him to be objective.

    And yes.. he truly IS awesome with her... easy going and just lets things roll off his back.... she can ask him the same question every 30 seconds and he keeps the same calm tone of voice and answers her each time. The other day he even cleaned poopie off the bathroom floor where she had missed, and took it all in stride. He deserves a medal, that guy.

    OK ..outta here for today!

    Don't forget me!
  10. by   donsterRN
    Jnette, you are so missed and thought of daily!

    I know that this is a difficult situation; you are doing an awesome thing in keeping your mom safe and healthy and happy. Your husband, too, is remarkable. I just want you to know that.

    We look forward to you posting more frequently whenever you can. And please do not forget to take care of you. We love you.

    How is Charlie?

  11. by   jnette
    Quote from Don3218
    How is Charlie?

    awwww............ Charlie is healing WELL !!! It all began the day I cleansed the wound with N.S. and applied the baccitracin.. I believe his licking off that baccitracin actually pushed it into the wound and the tissues, thereby starting the healing process. The next day we began the topical abx. spray, and he's been doing super ! The wound is now no bigger than a dime, and all the hide and fur is growing back in.. from the outer diameter inward.. too cool!

    He's back to his healthy, snotty self now!

    Patti and Roo just got back to Tucson from their four days in Vegas.. they had a blast and really were able to relax and enjoy themselves for the first time in a long time! Good for them!

    OK.. Mom is getting antsy out there.. guess my puter time is up! :stone
  12. by   suzy253
    Netters!!!! Hugzzz and prayers to you and yours.

    You're missed. So glad that you got some time to log on and update us. we miss you too!
  13. by   canoehead
    Who among us hasn't looked out from a warm and fuzzy dream and thought " I could just pee in that drawer over there, no one would notice..." I know I've been tempted!

    My parents recently took in my uncle with Alzheimers, and the trials they go through would support a good comedian for years. Dad recently went on an all day errand, and he thought he was in charge for the day, kept Mom going with all his chores and worries. She said he would decide to go out back and split wood (bad idea), she'd get him all bundled, and he'd come up with another project that needed to be done immediately, (clean the furnace, feed the dog) and off they'd go to take care of it (distract him from it). By evening he had a case of raging diarrhea (all that stress and responsibility) and Dad was on clean up duty.

    I warned Mom that when she loses her marbles she's going straight to a home.
  14. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from canoehead
    Who among us hasn't looked out from a warm and fuzzy dream and thought " I could just pee in that drawer over there, no one would notice..." I know I've been tempted!


    Best laugh I've had all week!

    Jnette, you and your dh are amazing. Hugs and warmest wishes to you both for being there for your Mutti.