HELLO to all the disenchanted Spectrum users!

  1. Hi KT! I'm here babe. I now have this site on my desktop and will be coming here more often. We know the real deal with NSBB, such a shame, isn't it? We need to encourage all the others to come here too, I agree. I see this site also has live chat, 2 cool, huh? See ya girlfriend. I'm staying away from NSBB until that weirdo gets over his psychotic crisis, what a sickooooo!! Lub ya....Hum'nbird (aka, Franky)
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  3. by   CEN35
    Don't know who you all are? Sounds like a few of you were hanging at some other site?
    Well this site is awesome, there are a lot of great people here! Most of the people are pretty intelligent and nice. No matter where you go though, there will be people that disagree (i.e. Pro-ANA vs Anti-ANA, LPN vs RN). The key, post your thoughts etc, but try not to go off on anybody

    Rick (CEN35)
  4. by   AnneD
    Happy to see some familiar monikers. I've always gone to both sites under the same name but it has been getting really strange @nsbb lately. I deal with enough weirdness in real life. I don't need it on the BB's.
  5. by   hiker
    Hey, Franky, you didn't have to tell me who you were! I knew as soon as I saw "Humn'bird!Glad to hear from ya! I've always ck'd out both sites as well, matter o' fact, I found out about Spectrum from this site, but now I'm back, just like a boomerang, as it is a happier place to be, and, hey, we have enough sadness in real life, don't need to add to it on the internet, right? PS- How's THAT for a run-on sentence? Everyone else, you all seem like good folks,( I agree, it's okay to disagree w/others, I am into debate also,) but another site was getting toooo weird lately. Thanks for the welcome! Although, I have been a rare poster and frequent peruser for a few months. I love these faces, too!
  6. by   hoolahan
    Hi guys! I'm here too! And thanks for the welcome you allnurses regulars!

    We used to hang at the Nursing Spectrum BB, but they believe in free speech, and it's gotten a little too free for some of us. Many people wrote to complain and the words of wisdom were "Try to ignore it."

    I have actually been registered here for a loooong time, but rarely posted or visited. I'm in home health, but it seems that forum is pretty dead. I think what keeps many away from here is the overwhelming selection of forums to choose from.

    Franky, LOVE your new name!! So appropo! KT, good to see you too and AnneD!

    See ya'll around this BB!
  7. by   hiker
    Hey, Franky Hummer (oops, I did not mean to sound obscene, really) I finally found old Hooligan (I mean Hoolihan's) site and will post there, also! How great to find you all again! I am excited! And I LOVE these smiley thingies!
  8. by   kaycee
    Hi Franky. Margaret H, KT and anyone else who comes over from NSBB. I'm Lynne I use my dog's name on this board. I've been here for a while too. Glad to see everyone here. The other board was gettin too weird for me. I still check it every now and again but hardly ever post.
  9. by   hiker
    Am hoping some of the NsgSpectrum regulars like Franky, Scarp, Evanovich, Lisa, Margaret, etc... come on and see this. If you all do, let me know who you are by your user names if you decide to change them. This is a much more positive place to be!
    -"hiker" AKA "KT"
  10. by   Hum'nbird
    Wanted to thank the allnurses grp for the friendly welcome too. That was very nice! I knew about this site for awhile but didn't register, I was too involved at NS. Now that I have acclimated to this site, I really like it! There is so much here, could spend days just learning what is here. I particularly like how the specialities are divided, I'm very excited about all the learning I will get here.

    Hi AnneD, Hi hoolahan (need to visit your site too, been awhile), Hi kaycee, miss you Lynne. Did you guys see what Evano did? She posted our notes from this BB at NSBB. I think she was trying to tell NS to sh!t or get off the pot cause people are leaving. I hope some more people come over here too.

    Well, anywho--gotta go to bed, have to do an ACLS class tomorrow (on a Sunday - poopoo!) Lub ya!!
  11. by   JennieBSN
    Okay, I'm nosey. Curiosity is just KILLING me...WHAT weirdness???!!?? I've never been to any other nsg bb but this one, so I don't know what other ones are like.

    By the way, hello to you all, welcome, my name is Kristina....sorry 'bout that. Forgot my manners... .
  12. by   MaryNP
    Hey MargaretH, Franky and KT! It's me, MaryNP. Glad to see you guys here. Now I have to get used to your new names!
  13. by   Doey
    Welcome to all of you who are new to this BB.
    It's a really terrific place, lots of good info. and really great people.

    But okay, I'm nosey too!! What happened over there anyway???
  14. by   hoolahan
    If you really want to see, go here, but I think you will be sorry that you did.
    Nursing Spectrum Then click on Nurse Community, then click on Nurse to Nurse, that is the BB. The top several postings today will let you know. Just randomly click on stuff, then come back and tell us if you think we're nuts!