Hello New England! And thanks

  1. Hello to everyone living in the New England states.
    My wife and I spent 10 days on the coast last October, and I have to say we had the most wonderful time!!!
    The weather was good, the people friendly and helpful, the food and the sites are beyond words!!
    We went from Mystic, to P.town on the Cape, then spent Halloween in Salem. From there we got as far north as Kennybunk, then turned in, going through Brattleboro (sp?) and then to Cleveland Ohio.
    My favorites were everywhere, but if I had to pick, it was Provincetown on Cape Cod, then the coast from Rockport to Kennybunk.
    I thought this posting would be one small way to say thanks to you all in these areas for making my rare vaction, combined with our 25th wedding anniversary a wonderful experience. I hope to return soon!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    I love visiting in the summer. It's too cold for this Floridian any other time of year. I love Provincetown and have been there twice. I've been to New Hampshire and the Coast of Maine too. Such a beautify and the people are so friendly.
  4. by   RNinRI
    Hello! Glad you enjoyed your time here in this little corner of the world! I live on the south coast of Rhode Island, only a few minutes from Mystic, CT. I love all of New England myself, especially the northern states of Vermont and New Hampshire. Come back soon and enjoy!