1. Hi everyone...I'm new here and thought I would properly introduce myself. My name is Debbie. I work as an LPN and just got accepted to the RN program starting this fall. I 'm a single mom with 2 teenagers and 3 cats. Hope to meet alot of you!
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    Hi - glad you found our "back room" Welcome come in, sit down and have a chat.
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    Hi Debbie I'm P. Welcome to our little corner of the world!
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    Hi Debbie! Good luck with your school and in balancing classes and family life.
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    Good luck with your nursing program!

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    welcome! much success in school. join us at the student board when you can.
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    Welcome to the boards!!!!
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    Welcome Debbie. I did the same as you when I went to school....single mom with two teenage boys and several cats, and a dog that wasn't sure what he was, he used to wash his face with his paws. Actually 10lbs of Chihuahua/terrier cross. We all survived nursing school.

    Thanks Nancy! I wouldn't have found this place without you.
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    Nice to have you, come on in and chat for a while.
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    Nice to have you .