1. Hi. I'm new here. I just found the site today looking for somewhere to talk about ideas for LTC.

    Looks like there are a lot of people here and lots of conversations about lots of different things. But, are there conversations about LTC?

    I just love caring for the elderly. They have such wonderful stories and are the sweetest things.

    I've been a RN since 1997. Love rose candles. Never married, but have a boyfriend of 1 1/2 years.

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  3. by   sedate_me_stat
    hey ,I have been going over the site and there are forums for EVERY subject imagineable!

    go to the forums home section and check it out
    I started off here to meet new friends and will be checking out the surgical , travel nursing and general discussion forums soon
    its so neat...

  4. by   ptnurse
    Welcome to the board, glad to have you. I don't think there is a forum just for LTC, but LTC issues come up all the time in different areas of the board. You will find plenty to talk about on this board and plenty of people to talk to on various topics. Again, welcome.
  5. by   tigger2sassy
    a big hello and welcome-- hope that you will find this as helpful and as informative as i have-- good luck to you
  6. by   NursieRN
    Welcome to allnurses!! Nice to have you.
  7. by   Disablednurse
    Hi, welcome to the boards. I was a LTC nurse for 22 years and loved every moment of it. I will be glad to talk to you about LTC anytime you want to. Still love it, it is in my blood.
  8. by   nursedawn67
    Welcome to the boards! I have been in LTC for 10 years, 7 as and aide and 3 as a nurse.
  9. by   ANSMFA-RN
    Welcome to Allnurses! Whether you post often or lurk like I did, you'll find everything you need here and more. What a super place!

  10. by   jnette
    Welome !!!

    Yep, browse around awhile, kick back and get comfy. Good to have you.
  11. by   aimeee
    Nice to meet you! You will find that most of the conversation in the Geriatric Nursing forum focuses on LTC facility nursing.

  12. by   APMRN1997
    Thanks guys!
  13. by   APMRN1997
    Oh, Aimeee, I'll check out that link tomorrow night. Thank you. :kiss I have to get up early to go to work, so I'm calling it a night.

  14. by   Tweety
    Hi! Welcome!