1. Good Morning! I found you all surfing last night for jokes for the nursing newsletter that I edit. Lots of great information to be found here!!

    My name is Katie and I am an ER trained nurse, now working as a House Supervisor.

    I am sure I will be here searching for great info, and hopefully I can contribute some too
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welcome to you, Katie. Great to have you onboard!
  4. by   live4today
    Welcome to you, Katie! Glad to have you aboard here at Allnurses.com! We're all just a bunch of Allnurses addicts, so soon you'll find you are the same. Don't fight it....just give into the temptation of being one of us...works best that way. :chuckle :kiss
  5. by   ptnurse
    Welcome. Glad to have you.
  6. by   RNinICU
    Welcome to the family.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    katie, come on in and enjoy!
  8. by   Mattigan
    Glad to meet you , Katie.
  9. by   aimeee
    Pleased to have you join us, Katie. What part of Michigan are you in?
  10. by   JailRN
    welcome to the looney bin..'er family.
  11. by   Nursekatie
    Thank you all! I am in the SouthWest part of Michigan......and now off to the joys of nursing administration for 8 hours......*smile*
  12. by   aimeee
    Oh, I wondered cuz I am in the Southeast part. Have fun!
  13. by   cbs3143
    Welcome to the Allnurses family Katie. I'm an "old" ER nurse myself.

  14. by   Rustyhammer
    Welcome to the boards!
    We are a big family here and you are more than welcome.
    Pull up a chair and just TRY to get away.