hee hee........just for laughs

  1. A mama mole, a papa mole, and a baby mole all live in a little mole hole.

    One day the papa mole sticks his head out of the hole, sniffs the air and says, "Yum! I smell maple syrup!"

    The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole, sniffs the air and says "Yum! I smell honey!"

    The baby mole tries to stick his head out of the hole to sniff the air, but can't because the bigger moles are in the way so he says, "Geez, all I can smell is....

    Scroll down.......

    Get ready.....

    Are you sure you're ready?

    You may never forgive me for this one...

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  3. by   baseline
    LOLOLOL I like it!
  4. by   vashka25
    Hee Hee.... tres jolie !!!!!!!
  5. by   Mkue
    OMG:roll hehe
  6. by   moz
    LOL That's cute!
  7. by   emily_mom
    HA HA!!!
  8. by   CMERN
    OMG.... That has been my favorite joke since I was 12.. My daddy would always tell us little "off color" jokes.. that one could ALWAYS make me laugh when things were going "stinky"..LOL