1. Wherever our hands touch,
    We leave fingerprints.
    On walls, on furniture,
    On doorknobs, dishes, books,
    As we touch, we leave our identity.

    Oh, please, wherever I go today,
    Help me leave heartprints,
    Heartprints of compassion,
    Of understanding and love,
    Heartprints of kindness
    And genuine concern.

    May my heart touch a lonely neighbor,
    Or a runaway daughter,
    Or an anxious mother,
    Or perhaps a dear friend.

    I shall go out today
    To leave heartprints.
    And if someone should say,
    "I felt your touch,"
    May that one sense be...
    YOUR love
    Touching through ME.


    Question: Whose heart did you touch today with your heartprints? Did you feel their love returned to you? How can we touch each other with our heartprints? What can we do to improve the heartprints that are left "untouched" by our own?

    In His Grip,
    Cheerfuldoer...AKA...Renee :kiss
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